Why the doll?

medium that is rare and never overdone.

You wear what you want when you want, you, yourself are unreal.

Tirelessartist creates both the doll and the garments.

Is it possible to create such masterpieces for flesh and blood?


It can be more than a dream.  With passion, dedication, and tirelessness you can make it so.


Or you could dress a cat like this in any century… that’s dandy.

Cleo the stray cat hardly remembers her real mommy – the beautiful and noble Sphinx.

Some quotes from the artist… Tirelessartist

“2 years ago I had no idea how to make dolls”; “I speak 4 languages and I am learning 5th”; “I’ve been always in love with a fantasy world. Nature, magic and all the fantastic creatures living there… I could keep exploring it for ever.”


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