Mad…Mad Collars

To drape or not to drape, this is the question.  There are times, however, when there is no question.

 The collar – not always, but almost always, and most often the first time.  When you learn to drape a collar and the value of draping a collar, you will create beautiful collars every time.  And this horror collar will never be your calling card.  Hopefully this collar aberration was done on purpose.

This collar problem would be avoided by draping but it’s existence is well documented by these photos.  Interestingly, this collar can help a pattern maker with a good eye create a few rules.

Example: when a collar CB is x inches or more, always drape the collar.  Or: when a collar will drape on the shoulder, always drape the collar.

And one more tidbit before we leave this subject, the collar is a “product” of the neckline, therefore, a great collar starts with a perfect neckline.

If you are interested in the character building aspect of clothing for theater, film, dance, and television, there are many books, websites, blogs and online boards that feature or discuss the topic.

 This photo was nabbed from Tom and Lorenzo’s blog.  The post title – Mad Style: The Rejected


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