Digital fabrics and a half-drop repeat

This post is an introduction to True Up, a blog about fabric, and Hamburger Liebe, a graphic designer who creates textiles on Spoonflower.  

True Up has many features and great links.  In the author’s own words, “True Up is a blog devoted to fabric.  Why fabric? Because you’re probably touching some right now, unless you’re a nudist who lacks the common courtesy to keep a towel handy. Despite it being a prevalent part of everyone’s daily lives, there were no blogs devoted to fabric back when I [Kim Knight] started this site in April 2008.”  

The textiles pictured below are available on and these examples (pictures borrowed directly from the True Up post) are organic cotton knits by Hamburger Liebe.  

Play With Me fabric and the cutest shirt ever made with the print on organic cotton interlock.”,  posts the True Up author.  



This next print, “In the Forest” by Hamburger Liebe, is shown in two colorways.  

Hamburger Liebe print on organic cotton knit


 ” In the Forest fabric, and knit pajamas with fox patch available from kunterbunt design.”  

Another Hamburger Liebe print, An Apple a Day, is an All Time Fav at  



And, last but not least, Strawberry Field, shows the great use of photography to make a wonderful product even more desirable.  

Then, as the world-wide web is bound to  do, a post on True Up about 2010 being the 250th anniversary of toile leads to another site offering info on creating a half-drop repeat.  


A beautiful toile design – with a unique South African twist – by Cape Town creative Wendren Milford.   


How to make a half-drop repeat:   

Here is a link to another blog that explains and depicts the process of creating a repeat pattern.  It is from design sponge and this particular post is by Julia — how to make a repeat pattern.

Update on 10/24/11 – True Up is still at it.  And the post on Timeless Treasures:  Elephants on Parade is a good place to see more images about colorways. 


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