Get ready, get set … go!

It is difficult to believe that three months have flewn by us again.  Most of us probably worked quite hard this summer.  Hopefully, we have much to show for it, including a bit of rest and recuperation.  As to fun, we always have fun.

Summer surely leads to fall.  Start saving your pennies.  Depending on the classes you take, you will be spending on books, supplies, materials, tools, museum visits, and transportation costs. 

For example, you may need to purchase a journal.   If required, the journal cover will feature your artwork and/or design. 

 The pages inside can be blank, lined, dot grid, or task journal.  If you are reading Fashionnation1on1 during the semester break, think or see what type of cover would best display your skills, your artistry, your design aesthetic, or your current collection, etc.

The journals cost about $10.50 in 2010.  They are available through  We will design ours as part of class and project homework.

The Australian Sheperd above is available at cafepress.  

If you like, you can begin to develop your own concept and brainstorm it for quality and feasibility.  If you still have time, quick sketch different concepts and/or start to list how you might use the journal. 

Drop over to the cafepress pages that show 99 various journal covers.  When your own design is uploaded to cafepress, it can be available for sale to others, with you making a commission.

Visit the journal pages and challenge yourself to design and create the most eye-catching or thought provoking, or superlative of your choice, journal cover.  Get ready, get set, go…

Fashion Collection Design, consider how this journal could enhance the presentation of your collection.  Your journal could even act as a company or career, personal “StartBook” of your collection’s journey into existence.  POMs, grade rule table growth charts, machinery or contracted operations needs, resource development journaling, and more could fill the pages of a number of journals. Start to think about the paper type that could best work with your reason for developing the journal.

For those who may have the ready cash and for those who could earn the cash with sales of your journal, feel free to imagine, create and plan to purchase a group of journals.  The journal takes about two to three weeks to arrive after purchase so there is plenty of time to create and use a journal during a semester.

The dot grid could be interesting for drawing scaled patterns.  The task journal could be a mock journal for the development of your clothing line with key target dates and appointments, travel, research, etc.  It will be interesting to hear what you say about the way the journal can be used.  In class or on your own design the cover.  Wait to purchase journals for a class until the class is in session.  A critique is part of each step in collection building.  You will have a number of weeks to design then purchase your journal.

If you still have some time, visit and explore the site.

Cafepress maternity is another line just waiting for your art, your creativity, or your thought.  Just the different categories under maternity look like this:

And there are subcategories! In fact, one subsubcategory is Philosophers Maternity  under Literature under Hobbies and Interests.

For example

See you soon!  Enjoy the rest of your semester break!

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