Mannequin Madness and other visual displays…

English: Visual Merchandising

Let’s take a look at just a few of the websites and blogs that feature window displays.  We are certain there are many more places that we can visit to get great information on the purpose of visual display and fab photos of window displays from here in the USA and around the world.

Try using a few different key words to search the web: window display; store windows; retail visual; visual merchandising; best windows display, etc.  Remember to try these same key word searches on image finders, i.e. Google-Images or Bing.  Travel to the websites that offer photos that catch your attention.  Also remember to “open a Word document” to save the URLs and names of the sites that interest you and offer what you need.

Here are a few websites to get us started.  Please feel free to leave a comment with a URL if you want us to share a site you love.  Remember to check the LinksList here in the right column to find more links in the categories Visuals and Retail Solutions.

Mannequin Madness says, “Successful retailers know that a good window display should sell ’emotions’, not just display product. People buy more when they feel an emotional connection to the product.”


Can you guess why the next two pictures caught our attention?


                         …   . . . . . . .   …   . . . . . . . and . . . . . . .    ….   . . . . . . .    …


At Merchandising Matters Now blog, the author tells us about a fabulous shoe purchase experience she had and then she says, “Takeaways? It all comes down to creating an experience. A positive experience.”  She gives us some great info and photos of visuals and window displays.  There is also this interesting comment – she wants “to remind you that visual merchandising is another form of customer service.”

The Retail Design blog is a fabulous place to see photos of window displays of the world.  They say their “goal is to provide shoppers a better experience, thus helping their clients to raise their turnover.”  You may also want to click specifically on their Visual Merchandising link.  This Lanvin window stalks you!

Lanvin windows June 2013 Paris

The Window Display blog is another place to spend some time.  If you are inspired after this tour of websites, get started on your own ideas for your window display of the year.  And for our sweet readers who are not with us in person, we hope you too are inspired and ready to create.

The Visual Merchandising Blog is a quick stop for a bit more inspiration.  Return to these sites often to keep updated.

And finally, before you head off on your own to find even more sources of inspiration and knowledge, check out this last site.  It is The Fashion Teacher and “she does windows”!

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  1. Thanks for sharing some great blogs. However The link for ‘the visual merchandising blog’ is broken. 😦

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