It’s late, we’re tired, let’s dance…dance…dance

When is the last time you curled up on the couch with a good annual report?  There is much to be learned….always so much to be learned.

Whereas: the time is 3:22 AM

Whereas: we have to be in class by 11:00 AM

Let it be therefore proclaimed that “this post will be short”.

Chico’s Annual Reports

For FSHD 2343 – Chicos uses independent vendors for designs and for private label; and FSHN 2305 – Chicos annual report details loads of info that relates to what you are learning (targeting the customer, average selling square footage, “current macroeconomic and other business conditions” strategies) and much, much more.

Read the report…. you might want to browse it (you know, 76 big pages) and you still need to make time for Charlie the Cat’s latest “glog” on Halloween costumes.

But most seriously, before the job interview…read the annual report!!

And as time permits, check out the analysts’ info here:


What? You still need more to read… hop on over to Tween Brands’ annual report.  Also, find most annual reports on AnnualReports .com.

Or try some melatonin!!  You can always catch up on your fashion news later – such as WWD 10/13/09 “Bubbles of Optimism: Retail IPO Offerings Showing Signs of Life” or “PARIS — Budgets and hemlines were both on the rise at the recent round of apparel and accessories shows here. Reacting to signs of recovery in the global market,…”

Still can’t sleep – so much fashion news to digest?  This blog, athensunderstated, should give you some chance to dream… check out this post… “the so-called Antwerp Six first took the international fashion scene by storm when they rented a truck and set up shop at London Fashion Week in 1987 – they were recently minted graduates of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and shortly after hitting London developed international cult followings amongst the fashion faithful. Not only did their London appearance put Belgium on the fashion map, it also positioned the Antwerp Academy, as it is known colloquially, as one of the world’s top fashion schools.”

Really, get some sleep!

Antwerp Six



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  1. Leslie

    Oh my gosh! I love the kitty costumes!!!! Too cute and adorable!!! ^-^ haha I’m going make one for my kitty too!!! XP

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