All there is and ever was – – – I want it all, I want it all — Emily Haines, Metric

Many of you know that we have always been inspired by Metric lyrics. Somehow, again and again, the lyrics take us where we need to go, find us where we are, or meet us when we arrive.

In The Shade, Emily Haines sings about “everything” with her typical eternal touch. You can listen to a bit of it at Metric’s website – click Music, click the album Synthetica. If you have ever been lucky enough to hear this song in concert, you may find it staying with you.

Here are a few of The Shades lyrics from Genius

With eternal love, the stars above

All there is and ever was

I want it all, I want it all

I want it all, I want it all

A blade of grass, a grain of sand

The moonlit sea, to hold your hand

I want it all, I want it all

I want it all, I want it all

In an October 2015 article at Time Magazine’s website, Metric’s Emily Haines on the Band’s Two New Albums and Breaking Free From the Internet, the author, Nolan Feeney, states, “While Pagans opens on a cynical note—“Got to be sedated to be seen/ On the cover of your magazine,” Haines sings on the entertainment-industry critique “Lie Lie Lie”—the band’s songwriting experiments produced some of their most positive, optimistic material yet. Instead of panicking about the state of her life (as she did on older songs like “Help I’m Alive” and “Breathing Underwater”), Haines is on the mood to celebrate on tracks like “Cascades,” a five-minute robot trance she says is about “loving being alive, the feeling of going strong with whatever it is that’s compelling you on.”

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The Genteel Fashionista’s Dialogue: A Humorous Timeline of Fashion

This is a funny “fashion diary” from The Pragmatic Costumer that takes the temperature of the mood of the moment for 150 years!!

The Pragmatic Costumer

In the Classic Style of Historical Fashion Satire and in the Spirit of Congenial Camaraderie, I Present to You the Product of an Overly-Active Brain in the Form of a Fashion Timeline in which there is much Over-Generalization, a Single Expletive, and a Dearth of Illustrations:


The Genteel Fashionista Dialog

1770s – Let’s flaunt how wealthy we are with lots of delicate, expensive fabric and wall-like skirts so wide we need special doors, furniture, and houses built just to accommodate them! Pass the hair powder and Pomeranians!

1780s – Thanks to new technological advances and the start of the Industrial Revolution, I am enjoying my emerging merchant-class lifestyle! However, panniers get in the way when I try to navigate city living. High hats and hair, though, I can do. Also, I am strangely beguiled by these cork rumps….

1790s – The peasants are pissed. Maybe big hair, big hats, and…

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Dior couture Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Here are a few brief, lovely Dior videos. Click on the Christian Dior channel on YouTube to see much, much more from Dior. Here are a few moments to enjoy.

Dior couture Autumn-Winter 2016-17 Show – Timelapse

Dior couture Autumn-Winter 2016-17 Show – Empty Space

We see hints of the New Look palette. What do you think?

Finally, here from Dior is a thirty (30) second look into the past – behind the scenes.

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Things are heating up in El Paso!

We have been a bit “quiet” this summer (2016). Some people around here retired. Others took on loads more work. There are all kinds of new explorations happening. And there are new, exciting things on the horizon. The summer is blasting away here in historic El Paso — (Just the Tip)(Extreme West Texas) and we are having some great times. We are already working on fabulous things for the fall and winter and we still have the Plaza Classic Film Festival this summer (August 4-14). Check out their Plaza Classic Facebook page.

Just in case you do not make it to their sites, here are some exciting posts from them.


EL PASO, TEXAS — The world’s largest classic film festival will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the movie Giant in a Texas-sized way this August.

PCFF celebrates ‘Giant’ 60th with screening, exhibit

June 28

EL PASO, TEXAS — The world’s largest classic film festival will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the movie Giant in a Texas-sized way this August.

Director George Stevens’ sprawling 1956 Lone Star state epic, which was shot largely in nearby Marfa, Texas, will be shown at 6 p.m. Saturday, August 6 in the Plaza Theatre.

The movie — starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean — is part of the El Paso Community Foundation’s ninth annual Plaza Classic Film Festival running August 4-14, 2016 in and around downtown El Paso’s historic Plaza Theatre.

Mexican actress Elsa Cardenas, who played the pivotal role of Juana, will appear. She will be interviewed on stage by Scott McGee, program production director of Turner Classic Movies. The movie will be shown immediately after their talk.

GECU/MEMBERS Trust Company generously is sponsoring Giant and the unique exhibit, A ‘Giant’ Story: When Hollywood Came to West Texas, which explores the location shoot in Marfa, its El Paso ties and some of the movie’s main themes.

The free exhibit will run July 28 through September 18 at the El Paso Museum of History.

A ‘Giant’ Story will include costumes designed by Academy Award-winner Marjorie O. Best for Hudson, Taylor and Dean (who died while the movie was in post-production), on loan from the Warner Bros. Corporate Archive, and production art, documents and off-set photographs from the George Stevens Collection at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

It also will include one-of-a-kind photographs and memorabilia from El Pasoan Wally Cech, who worked as a waitress on the Marfa shoot, and Nancy Hamilton, who covered the movie’s El Paso premiere at the Plaza Theatre on November 8, 1956 for the El Paso Times.

Tours, lectures and screenings of related films will be part of the Giant celebration, including a free showing of Austin filmmaker Hector Galan’s 2015 documentary Children of Giant at 2 p.m. Monday, August 8 at the El Paso Public Library auditorium.

Based on the 1952 best-seller by Edna Ferber (Show Boat), Giant chronicles a quarter century in the life of rancher Bick Benedict (Hudson) and his Eastern-bred wife Leslie (Taylor), the advent of big oil and race relations between Anglos and Mexican-Americans.

Tickets for Giant and all 90 of the movies in this year’s Plaza Classic Film Festival — including the original Star Wars trilogy, Rocky, Annie Hall and The Music Man — go on sale July 8. Festival Passes teen Film Club Passes are available at or by calling 915-533-4020.”

Before we end, let us remind you that one of the other things you might do when you need to warm up after spending all that time in the dark, cool Plaza Theater. You can walk down the street and view the Sebastian sculpture, Aguacero. (hope you were able to see the fabulous El Paso Museum of Art Sebastian exhibition.) Adios.

These images were taken during the installation. There are other Sebastian sculptures in El Paso as well. See the post below this or Search Sebastian.

  workmen installling sculpture by internationally known artist Sebastian



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Sebastian Sculpture Aguacero Installed

If you are in or near El Paso, get out to the El Paso Museum of Art this week (5/31 – 6/5/2016) and see the Sebastian exhibit. Sebastian is the creator of La Equis.


I saw that Thursday and Friday, the Sebastian sculpture aguacero was fully installed. Located at the foot of the El Paso street bridge it is a welcome addition to the Public art program, and further adds to the idea of art transcending borders.-david sokolec

workmen installling sculpture by internationally known artist Sebastian Workmen installing Aguacero by Mexican sculptor Sebastian

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“El Paso: Love all the way down to the rivets”

Over on the Reid Miller apparel website blog, there is a story entitled “El Paso: Love all the way down to the rivets.” It is an enchanting story of a first time visit to the West Texas city, El Paso.

Reid says, When I arrived in El Paso the beauty and peace I experienced was so startling that I worried I would get into an accident in my rental car with all that there was to take in around me. There were mountains and desert seeped in a beautiful pink then yellow light from the desert sun, with the freeway painted peach and light green to match this curious, beautiful little city that seemed to have appeared out of my dreams.”

She observed, “The next morning I returned to the factory to find people working away at their machines, the music humming in the background. Workers chatted and laughed, it was Friday and everyone was looking forward to going dancing. A group of a dozen or so people worked on beautiful old machines, framed by golden spools of thread, in a beautiful atmosphere, loving what they do and the people they work with.”

Well, let Reid tell you…

Bob Paluzi and Reid Miller

As her About page says, “Reid is a designer, entrepreneur, researcher and passionate bike commuter. REID MILLER Apparel is her vision for a more beautiful, creative biking world, where a woman’s form and freedom are celebrated through high quality, stylish attire for bike commuting.”

We love Reid’s determinations to “improve on what exists to create a better biking world.”

It is also great that her line and Bob Paluzi are making such meaningful work for people.

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Conquering the Croissants Part I: Researching Simplicity 4244

Enjoy this re-post from a fabulous WordPress blog, The Pragmatic Costumer:

You may be familiar with a certain Simplicity pattern, #4244. Number not ringing a bell? Perhaps the phrase “Victorian hip croissants” might: Even the model is wondering why she’s…

Source: Conquering the Croissants Part I: Researching Simplicity 4244

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