“El Paso: Love all the way down to the rivets”

Over on the Reid Miller apparel website blog, there is a story entitled “El Paso: Love all the way down to the rivets.” It is an enchanting story of a first time visit to the West Texas city, El Paso.

Reid says, When I arrived in El Paso the beauty and peace I experienced was so startling that I worried I would get into an accident in my rental car with all that there was to take in around me. There were mountains and desert seeped in a beautiful pink then yellow light from the desert sun, with the freeway painted peach and light green to match this curious, beautiful little city that seemed to have appeared out of my dreams.”

She observed, “The next morning I returned to the factory to find people working away at their machines, the music humming in the background. Workers chatted and laughed, it was Friday and everyone was looking forward to going dancing. A group of a dozen or so people worked on beautiful old machines, framed by golden spools of thread, in a beautiful atmosphere, loving what they do and the people they work with.”

Well, let Reid tell you…

Bob Paluzi and Reid Miller

As her About page says, “Reid is a designer, entrepreneur, researcher and passionate bike commuter. REID MILLER Apparel is her vision for a more beautiful, creative biking world, where a woman’s form and freedom are celebrated through high quality, stylish attire for bike commuting.”

We love Reid’s determinations to “improve on what exists to create a better biking world.”

It is also great that her line and Bob Paluzi are making such meaningful work for people.

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Conquering the Croissants Part I: Researching Simplicity 4244

Enjoy this re-post from a fabulous WordPress blog, The Pragmatic Costumer:

You may be familiar with a certain Simplicity pattern, #4244. Number not ringing a bell? Perhaps the phrase “Victorian hip croissants” might: Even the model is wondering why she’s…

Source: Conquering the Croissants Part I: Researching Simplicity 4244

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Continual Improvement and The Happiness Project.

Gretchen Rubin writes on her blog, “I was thinking of Lytton Strachey’s observation, “Perhaps the best test of a man’s intelligence is his capacity for making a summary.” So I decided to try to summarize each chapter of Better Than Before in a single sentence.  The entire gist of the book, in 21 sentences.”

Wow, this list is a powerhouse! You can apply this to your life AND to your business. For example: “Monitoring: You manage what you monitor, so find a way to monitor whatever matters.” Does this sound like something you have learned about sales, or textile usage, time of production or work efficiency?

It is a fine day when you can work toward your self-improvement. Use it or lose it.

While on a recent trip to New York City, we chose Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project as our reading companion.  You do not need us to tell you why this book is a #1 Best Seller. We recommend it highly.

And as fate would have it, today (March 29, 2019) Gretchen is posting 10 Things I’ve learned in 10 years of blogging.

Gretchen Rubin can help you help yourself!

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Have you met Michi Raab?

As you can read at the University of Fashion website, Michi Raab is a professional fashion portfolio teacher, tutor and coach. She has guided fashion designers in creating and improving their portfolios to increase their success in job searches, schoolwork, and applications to design schools. She works with all levels of designers, from high school students to seasoned professionals.”

We thought meeting Michi was a great way to be introduced to the University of Fashion. Read more about Michi and her career. MichiRaab-HeadShot

Then meet all the UF instructors here. Just reading about their varied experiences may spark something in your own journey.

Getting to know an educational institution is all about getting to know the instructors and practicing what they teach.


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Patio and roof garden design: before and after

We love using space for all it’s worth.

Doesn't Cost The Earth Interiors

roof garden patio before

This was the patio as it was when I bought this house…. I called it my prison exercise yard.  It was a square of ugly brick walls, with pink tiles.  There was so much not to like.  The 2cm of thick grey grout between each tile.  The flesh pink of the tiles themselves, that clashed with the yellow-grey brick.  A selection of half-dead plants and disused furniture cluttered the area.

veranda before

This has been one of the most rewarding projects.  I had the walls rendered to cover the brick, and eventually I paved over the old tiles with a fake travertine ceramic (real travertine picks up mould and dirt as it is porous).

I then set about designing a planting scheme.  Here is what I learned along the way:

veranda after

In a small area, stick to two or three plants only.   Any more and it looks cluttered and messy.  I put Lilly Pilly…

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“Friends and family will put you out of business…”

Mercedes Gonzalez is at it again. This time she is addressing those of you who would open a store and those of you who are learning to open a store.  Of course, we think Mercedes is wonderful. And we love her very upfront lectures. Check out this page of links to her talks. You will find a number of videos on Mercedes’ channel, including an Insider’s Guide to Running a Successful Retail Store. It will take time to watch all the content in this series so build it into your schedule.

But before you head over to the Insider’s Guide series, listen to this superb overview video from Mercedes. Keep in mind that as part of her business Mercedes teaches those who attend her class complete details of such things as a profit and loss statement, initial mark up, margins, cash flow, valuation, inventory planning and control, and more.  Look at and read the competencies in the syllabi of your course. These words and concepts are already familiar to professionals and well-studied students. Everyone successful is learning always.

If you have studied and learned about expenses. costing, mark up, etc., you will be able “fill in the blanks” when Mercedes does not show her presentation screen as she speaks. When she DOES show her screen, you  may want to Pause and write down important points.

This video offers to those of you who have learned this type of information in such courses as Fashion Retailing and Fashion Buying, even Fashion Promotion, a chance to think about the whole picture.  So remember Mercedes and enjoy the ride. 

Click to view – Global Purchasing Companies

(Imagine shopping with one of the Divas below, LOL!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Making zippers invisible and other “seam”ingly impossible acts.

In case you don’t know it all, head over to Fashion-Incubator and work your way through the many tutorials and posts. Remember that the comments of the posts often hold great gems of wisdom from experienced apparel industry professionals. You will quickly be able to discern who is a newbie, however, note that their questions and insights can be valuable thinking fuel.

1 Invisible_Zippers_red_through_Blue_largeImage from Burda Style

There is so much archived content on Fashion-Incubator, dig in and read past posts and follow the links inside of posts for an education extraordinaire.

Here is the Invisible Zipper Tutorial.

1 factory zipperImage from Sew4home

The internet holds so much that our brain limits and time limits can be stretched. Maybe that is the point. Which brings us to V-Sauce – Mind-Blowing Creations & The Best of the Internet – so stretch on…..

Watch what someone can do with thread… twenty seconds :08-:28… and if you can stay for all 5:17 minutes, you will enjoy the illustrations which are perfect for the ghouling month!! Watch on…


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