Making zippers invisible and other “seam”ingly impossible acts.

In case you don’t know it all, head over to Fashion-Incubator and work your way through the many tutorials and posts. Remember that the comments of the posts often hold great gems of wisdom from experienced apparel industry professionals. You will quickly be able to discern who is a newbie, however, note that their questions and insights can be valuable thinking fuel.

1 Invisible_Zippers_red_through_Blue_largeImage from Burda Style

There is so much archived content on Fashion-Incubator, dig in and read past posts and follow the links inside of posts for an education extraordinaire.

Here is the Invisible Zipper Tutorial.

1 factory zipperImage from Sew4home

The internet holds so much that our brain limits and time limits can be stretched. Maybe that is the point. Which brings us to V-Sauce – Mind-Blowing Creations & The Best of the Internet – so stretch on…..

Watch what someone can do with thread… twenty seconds :08-:28… and if you can stay for all 5:17 minutes, you will enjoy the illustrations which are perfect for the ghouling month!! Watch on…


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Some things seem to take forever >>>

Since it took longer than anticipated to get a post uploaded about Mercedes Gonzalez and her fabulous apparel industry talks, we are posting a link to all of her YouTube videos on fashion collection. Get busy and listen. Mercedes is a great speaker and she “tells it like it is” so you can save years of mistakes and frustration.

For those of you who are in courses like Fashion Collection Design or Apparel Product Development, or learning on your own, this particular video from July 2014 will be a great benefit.

Of course, Mercedes mentions our own darling Kathleen Fasanella and her amazing Fashion-Incubator blog (and we assume you are reading it “religiously” including all the fab tutorials and “most requested tutorialsand making plans to spend a week in Albuquerque at The Sewing Factory School – “this place that KF envisioned as a prototypically perfect sewing factory for people to visit in the event they want to learn how to set up their own factory, aka, The Sewing Factory School.”). For now, back to Mercedes so we can learn to sell (and profit from) what we produce.

As time permits, work your way through this list of YouTube videos by Mercedes. And know that with any luck, she will continue to post more videos from her trade show workshops.

And if you are also needing a new book “to hold in your hands”, this tome from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store, could fit the bill.  How to Read Fashion: A Crash Course in Styles, Designers, and Couture.

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Do you remember that we love Tex. Lensing?

As apparel industry educators, students and learners, we love love love Tex. Lensing.  This textile fiber producer is fabulous about posting great learning videos on YouTube.  You can check out this video but be sure to check the entire Tex. Lensing channel. The only other way to get to hear these talks is to attend the trade shows (and that may not be possible for some of you, yet! [$$$$$-$$$$$$$$$$])

The video we are recommending today is Texworld USA – Spring/Summer 2016 Textile, Print, & Graphic Trends.

For those of us who have “been around” for a long time, it is just amazing that this information, which used to be considered secret and only for the inner circle, is now available to everyone, FREE.  We also noted that so far this video has been viewed only 3,062. And as of 8 October as we edit, this video has only had 5655 hits. People must just not know

You may also find this blog to be useful. Check out Patternbank Enjoy!

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Paris – City of Fashion (for ages!!)

We love getting great new links from our fashion doll collecting friends.  Vera dropped a link for this great fashion show/photo shoot which took place in Paris in the late 1940s or early 1950s.

a paris-fashion-50

One thing that we found so fab was the dress of the onlookers.  We noted how different the models look than the “ordinary people”.  This video is also great for anyone who needs to learn the correct pronunciation of all those wonderful Parisian designers.

Paris – City of Fashion


Here is a very short video that may give you some enjoyment.  It is less than two minutes long and you should get a good laugh from the predictions.

21st Century Fashion – as predicted in 1960.

How about 100 Years of Men’s Fashions in 3 Minutes.

And 100 Years of Fashion (women’s) in 2 Minutes.

How about a 2.5 minute video about corsets?  Check out – I am a corset maker – Behind the Seams.

Creative Angel Atom Mug

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Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions. – Chanel

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” This seems like a perfect quote from the fabulous Chanel. It can awaken us to the true point of apparel – improvement.  Knowing how to improve is something that Chanel mastered early in life.  She had to master it to survive.  Yet she mastered it so thoroughly that a century later, we still adore her and her fashions.

Get to know her better. So many fabulous books have been written about Chanel. You can find her on YouTube and if you speak French you can listen first hand to many more quotes.
Here is a page of Chanel quotes on BrainyQuote.   To keep current, remember to refresh pages when you click on from an old link.
It seems that this quote, “Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity”, from Chanel speaks again to our world today. “Authenticity” is a word and concept that is driving much of the fashion world today.
For example, “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”

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Networking by the book… Be visible

Originally posted on Fashionnation1on1:

What does the best strategy for networking boil down to? Building real relationships, actively maintaining them, and giving as much as you take.

Take a look.

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You say millimetre…I say millimeter…

You say millimetre; I say millimeter, let’s call the whole thing off!

The ancients among us just heard a tune. (“Shall We Dance: Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” by George Gershwin (eMusic) or listen at SongLyrics.

You say either and I say either,
You say neither and I say neither
Either, either Neither, neither
Let’s call the whole thing off.

Why on earth does the United States of America still use the imperial system?

We want the USA to be exceptional but not in this sense.

On we find this Definition: The millimetre is a unit of length in the metric system, equivalent to one thousandth of a metre.” In terms of worldwide use of the metric system this is said, “The millimetre, as part of the metric system, is used as a measure of length across the globe. The most notable exception is the United States, where the imperial system is still used for most purposes.”

And “The metric system originated in France in 1799 following the French Revolution although decimal units had been used in many other countries and cultures previously. Although there have been many different measurements and the definitions of the units have been revised, the official system of measurements of most countries is the modern form of the metric system which is known as the “International System of Units“.

The USA was planning to adopt the metric system in the 1970s. What happened? The matter of fact is metric is base ten. There we go, not so hard.

The “American” method of thinking about the metric system is overcomplicated. We do not need people to think about “converting” from inches to centimeters, celsius to fahrenheit, or quarts to litres. If we just use the metric system, we do not have to convert!

Our recommendation: Use metric.

lavender rows

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