WordPress.tv and bobwp.com … or… how to blog with a purpose


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Since blogging is work and work is fun, blogging is fun.  And blogging is work.  So work smart.  Check out the many, many resources for training and answers on the creation, development, and maintenance of your wordpress. com website.

When Fashionnation1on1 first started in January of 2008, we found WordPress to be the finest provider of blogging services.

We started blogs with various blog site providers to compare features and benefits.  WordPress was the clear choice for many reasons, even when the other providers offered so very much.

WordPress teaches.  There is enough “from simple to world class blog development” teaching at WordPress to keep you learning for years to come.  Just look at bottom of the main page of WordPress to get started.

On WordPress.com

In the support area, you will find teaching pages on the very first steps of creating a blog.  Choose the look of your blog on the Theme Showcase page, but don’t worry because you can change the look or theme of your blog with the click of a mouse, as often as you like.  The Post vs. Page page helps you get started on the right foot.

That is simply the beginning.  Move to the second column on the WordPress main page to find such amazing free tools as WordPress.org and WordPress.tv and World Camp… what more could one ask?  How about the How-To section?  That is a must see location.  And does WordPress have a blog?  What do you think?

Could one still ask for more?  Well, there is a fellow, Bob Dunn, who says, “I’m Bob Dunn. I have a passion for helping solopreneurs, small biz owners and corporate staffs learn the skills to take control of their WordPress websites and blogs. Although it’s not rocket science, WordPress does have a learning curve, But once you get the hang of it, you can use all of its tools without understanding coding. And there lies the beauty of WordPress. All you need to know is where to find the tools and how to use them.”  Bob provides free instruction because he loves people to learn.  His site bobwp.com is fantastic.  Bob also teaches and coaches for WordPress.

On WordPress.tv, under WorldCampTV, watch this 45 minute training video entitled,

Bob Dunn How to Attract More Readers with a User-friendly WordPress Site.

Bob talks about the aboutAbout is about you.  People want to know about you.  What they want to know about you is the part of you that appeals to …or draws out… or feeds what it is about them that makes them find your website in the first place.

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