Spoonflower, anyone?

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You really want to check out this website.  Spoonflower.com  

There you can do many things that pertain to textiles.  You can see the work of other textile designers.  You can enter contests with your original textile designs.  

You can upload your own textile designs and purchase the fabrics created from them.  If others purchase your fabrics, you earn a 10% commission, without ever having to touch the fabric yourself.  

Imagine if you developed a following for your fabrics.  You could get something going.  You could blog about your fabrics and offer free patterns for items that you feature on your blog.  Then, as you develop a blog following, and post links to your textiles some people who will pop over to Spoonflower to buy your original textile designs.  Why not?  What is there to lose?  

There could be much to gain.  

Here are some example of prices but there is NO MINIMUM order:  

Fabrics: (learn more about these) << this link will lead to fabric info

Sizes: (why order a test swatch?)






 Treehugger.com says, “From the quirky to the sublime, the site probably has a [textile] pattern to suit everyone, but thankfully it also boasts an eco-conscious side: patterns that patrons buy are printed using eco-friendly materials and methods.”   

While surfing around at Spoonflower, we found fabric from someone we know.  Daniel Bingham has a pattern club for fashion dolls.  Daniel started with knitting patterns and later added patterns for sewing.  He obviously also offers his own fabrics to his club members.  What a smart move.  We love this idea!  


Daniel Bingham textile and garment design on Tonner doll.


And how about this for perfect and easy to make jeans for the 16″ fashion crowd.  Go, Daniel! 

Daniel Bingham jeans fabric and pattern


Daniel Bingham jeans, "distressed" w/o the chemicals

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