Update: we are so proud and happy …

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Yesterday, 12/8/11, the students of fashion collection design did an amazing job with their collection presentations.

Thanks for all of your hard work.

We will be posting links to all the new blogs created this semester.  But for the moment, let us start with Lady Mond.

 The blog links will be posted in the LinksList under the category Blogs of EPCC Fashion Students.  Let us know what you think.  Oh, and please be aware of the fact that the majority of our students speak English as a second language – Spanish is the first language of most of our students.  Others have Korean as a first language.  For example, we have just today said a sad farewell to our beloved J… who is headed off to Paris (and we dream that one day she will come back to us again.)  Her blog JY Design Workshop is great, too.


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One response to “Update: we are so proud and happy …

  1. Jiyoung Lee

    Aw, Thank you Trish! and I love you!

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