The Lifestyle Monitor

Life Size Figurine In Display Window

Image by Sister72 via Flickr

The Lifestyle Monitor is a great place for you to get information.  This organization monitors attitudes and behaviors toward apparel and home furnishings.  It compares attitudes in various countries around the world.  There are so many wonderful articles at their website.  Take a look.

One article, Windows of Global Opportunity, talks about the influence of window displays on consumer purchasing behaviors.  The article is full of fabulous information.  It is well written and a number of points are excellent for helping you to understand the value of a well-targeted window display.

Here are some quotes from the article, but we suggest you click the link and head over to the Lifestyle Monitor and read the entire article.

 “The wordless presentation of apparel in store and window displays is a very powerful way of reaching consumers.”

“Globally, 55% of consumers get their apparel ideas from in-store displays/window shopping, making it the top source of clothing inspiration, according to the Cotton Incorporated and Cotton Council International 2010 Global Lifestyle MonitorTM Survey.”

“Of course, visual merchandising can also appeal to the impulse shopper. Slightly more than four out of 10 global consumers (42%) are inclined to buy apparel on impulse.”



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2 responses to “The Lifestyle Monitor

  1. Armando

    Its impressive how visuals have an impact on the consumer in this case window displays. Still is strange to se how some retailers seem to not put much attention into such things, this is shown by poor window displays that don’t achive much if they do at all. I believe that this article is a good reminder of how in this economic times where people tend to shop less and look around for the best garment versus in the pass when it was more commen for people to buy a garment at the first palce the saw it, retailers should focus more on creating an experience for the shopper. Pleasing the senses in this case the eye, a costumer is more likely to enter the store shop and come back again because he is not only getting a garment but an sensory experience which is more pleasing and would out weight just shopping for a garment by it self. This will lead for consumers to seekk your items rather than those from other retailer simple because you offer them more than just a garment you offer them something intangable a pleasuable shopping experience.

  2. I think live mannequins are the best attention grabbers. Two of them, changing outfits and back to work doing nothing but standing still.

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