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FutureCrush or why the future keeps invading the present.

Reading about Gen X this morning at made us want to share. Then we thought…how long will these links last? So here is what we decided – we would use a caveat:  For those from the future who dare read this post, links and images may have fallen into the past and be irretrievable – do not be afraid – it will not really matter.

One more caveat: We are waiting to see if we were allowed to post this content. Time, like the generations, will tell. Enjoy – oh, and hurry.

We love the New York Times and, as usual, in this article we found so many well conceived and written ideas. The title may sound gloomy but you have to drop over there (while the link lasts) and see what fostered a generation of Long Phone Conversations (and how the cell phone ended those), tuning in and out with The Walkman (where did those git to), “Benetton’s advertising and freebie magazine, Colors, which humanized the color wheel and transformed a brand into a badge of belonging” (who doesn’t love that), Pagers (?), and so much more (34 topics and authors).

There is plenty of fashion because that is how generation after generation has expressed itself for eons. So do check out When Grunge Made Blue Collar Culture Cool, Miuccia Prada’s tiny backpack, and Supermodels.

Left, Beto O’Rourkegenx-beto-640_x2

Whether you were born yesterday or are getting too old to read, the section called Watching the Challenger Explosion on Live TV by Brian Thomas Gallagher is touching.

The gathering ends with a quiz to find out if you may be an “Xennial”

To us, the whole shebang was great and relatively quick to read…remember, we covered 15 years of history…1965 – 1980.  And a favorite, “CDs drained the wallets of a generation…with almost no tangible or long-term benefit…a very few CDs became cool dresses…the rest…coasters and trash…and an entire generation learned to never trust again.” — by Choire Sicha

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Imagine if the 1930s had not ended with World War II

We were musing about the imagined nature of today’s fashion had the moods of the 1930s continued. The celebration of the fabulous feminine.

Sammy D Vintage has a super post on 15 Ways the ’30s Woman Dressed Fabulously.

The post says, “Considering the average income of an American family decreased by 40 percent between 1929 (the Great Depression) and 1932, you’d think that the styles of the day would be drab, depressing and definitely not as delightful as what you’re about to see in this article! The reality is that because times were so hard, men and women yearned to live vicariously through the fantastical fashions in the theater and attempt to re-create for themselves using sewing patterns and other do-it-yourself methods of clothing production.”

We absolutely love Sammy D Vintage. In the “About” you can find some fun FAQs such as, “What is this website all about? This vintage fashion blog is where you’ll learn how to style, find and sell vintage and get some history behind great clothing that inspires the trends of today. You can also discover the basics of vintage style and thrifting on my FAQ pages. Learn how I style fashion on the style page. I love this photo gallery!” Sounds good to us.



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Did you read that Google digitized 3,000 years of fashion history?

Now hear this!

Wow, we are in for a treat. Here is a link to a Smithsonian article that will keep you busy dreaming of eons ago for ages to come…

Google Digitizes 3,000 Years of Fashion History.

The article starts with “Throughout human history, fashion has served as a signifier of class and status as well as an economic and political driver. The craze for silk in ancient Rome helped spawn the Silk Road, a fashion for feathered hats contributed to the first National Wildlife Refuges.

We say, head over to the article which is “linkalicious” and bound to keep you up all night. Enjoy.
We cannot wait to read all about it.
woman reading book

Photo by JJ Jordan on

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Michael Simmons writes “How To Tell If Someone Is Truly Smart Or Just Average”

Do you ever think about thinking? Thinking, which is already incredible, can be improved. The Simmons article popped up and we are glad. Simmons brings so much inventory to this post. We wanted to make it available for anyone who wants to work on mental models–helping our brains be their best. The post, How To Tell If Someone Is Truly Smart Or Just Average, has many links worth following. These links may take a few hours to follow but you will be cashing in on some of the brain power that has bought people great success.

In the section, How I Learned to Think Like the World’s Best and Brightest, Simmons gives a link to an article he wrote on the thinking of 7 billionaires. Find it, click it. It could be your ticket.

Business is business and learning from billionaires in other fields can lead a fashion entrepreneur to success. For example in one of the linked articles, Simmons says, “Jeff Bezos (Amazon) shows that big trends are only part of the story. It’s also about doing the exact opposite and focusing on what does not change.

Simmons also links to his article on sunk cost bias. Wow, “now read this!” Learn when to say no. The article subtitle says it all.

As entrepreneurs, we are taught to persist in the face of challenges. That can be dangerous, even fatal.

“Sunk cost bias – it’s reasonable to say that businesses have cumulatively lost trillions of dollars to it over the years. It’s caused entrepreneurs to lose their life savings. It’s bankrupted huge companies and resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs.We should not underestimate its importance or how difficult it is to solve.”

Simmons gives seven foolproof ways to overcome the sunk cost bias in all of its guises.

Click to succeed.


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Each moment a treasure

via Each moment a treasure

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December 7, 2018 · 11:53 AM

Made 2 Measure

M2M offers the world of fashion to anyone who can click. Their About page says, “Fashion Now Streaming

Made to Measure (M2M) is a new fashion video network. M2M covers the world of fashion and style – past, present and future – through fresh and culturally relevant storytelling. M2M features original programming, classic fashion films and runway shows from the world’s top designers. M2M’s original series and documentaries highlight the people, issues, trends and events that have defined and transformed the fashion landscape.”

The Tabs – Explore, Runway, Films, Series and Favorites give you an idea of what you may find.

Here are some samples…

Dior Fall 2018 Couture

Chanel Spring 2019 from Paris

Face to Grace – celebrated fashion editor Grace Coddington interviews photographers, fashion designers and more.

But if you have 2 hours 19 minutes and 05 seconds, spend it with David Bowie and The Man Who Fell to Earth.

David Bowie Man Who Fell to Earth

Now we are off to explore the great outdoors. Enjoy.

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Gene designs from fabulous, young fashion designers in El Paso, Texas

Love in Louisville and Love in Bloom did not come first in our story but this photo is ready to welcome you to read more about the great designers “Out in the West Texas town of El Paso…”

You can see why “I (we) fell in love with a Mexican girl”.

These photos are from other Gene collectors. We are working to learn who so we can give credit for the photos and styling.

We present from left to right, Love in Louisville and Love in Bloom. Regina’s original design was in black and the black version is very limited because it was done for the Sandra Stillwell and Ashton Drake Gene Convention in Louisville as a special event. Love in Bloom was an Ashton Drake line doll. The pink color was styled by Joan Greene. Love in Bloom is the doll that was honored to be the Gene doll photographed to introduce the male doll, Trent Osborn, to the Gene Marshall line. We are looking for that photo to share.

Love in Louisville and Love in Bloom

Love in Bloom small pic

But, of course, Love in Bloom has its own Wiki page.


The same designer of Love in Bloom, Regina Ganem, also created The Perfect Gift when she was a Junior at the CCTE, Center for Career and Technology Education, a part of the EPISD – El Paso Independent School District.

The Perfect Gift is a boxed outfit. Here she is in the Ashton Drake catalog photo.


If you cannot get enough of these amazing fashions, go to the general Gene Marshall and Friends Pinterest page and enjoy photos from 20 years of fashion doll history.

Or read about this doll’s history at Gene Marshall Wiki

To be continued.

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