“Welcome to augmented reality” – Financial Times

UPC-A barcode

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In an article by Lucie Greene, “Next big trend: virtual fitting rooms”, we learn about an app (application) that allows you to print out a bar code, cut it out and tape it onto your wrist, download the app, hold your wrist up to your webcam, and see a wristwatch appear on the image of your arm.

Our first thought was the juxtaposition of the modern bar code/computer app/webcam being used to sell such a timelessly old convenience as a wristwatch.  With time pieces and clocks being the most modernizing inventions, it all seemed so apropos.  The march of technological advances.

Read the linked article at Financial Times, FT.com.  Work to visit Financial Times on your own as well.  Develop your own skills of searching out, sorting, prioritizing, and strategically using information that enhances your business and career.

Fashion Promotion FSHN 2301, for Spring 2011, together as a class, use Google.docs to write a short report and a list of pros and cons.  Write a short summary of your work.


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