“How you would walk the fashion mile… Hand me down and call it style.” Metric

StyleCaster is a decent website to catch up or keep up with fashion trends.  Better yet, you can publish your own style on StyleCaster – just register to get started.

You can click on Fashion, News, People, Shop and more to narrow your search.  People led to Tania Barri who is a design student in Mexico.  Tania’s StyleCaster page supplied a link to her blog, PinkAndBubbly.  You should take a few minutes to run through Tania’s blog to see how simple it is to keep the world informed about your own style.

Clicking Shop led to “Recent Trends” which included Viva Mexico!  It seemed appropriate after reading Tania Barri’s fun blog!

The StyleCaster site says, “Oscar de la Renta dipped his brush into the palette of Mexico.”  You can find the entire line on Style.com. 

Jean Paul Gaultier took his Mexican inspiration to a different level.

El Paso Saddle Bags made a showing.  Where can you take this concept?  How about a suit jacket like Jose D Saenz created from a gorgeous, bright yellow serape?  Or the great orange serape jacket that Jose created for himself?  You should ask him to show them.

Back to Mexico – StyleCaster says, “Why We Love It: When the sun is high o’er head, who isn’t inspired by the Southern border? Whether you’re on a beach or just out to dinner, this exotic look is sure to turn heads with its bright colors and festive prints. Airy fabrics, flirty hues, embroidered tops and crazy patterns come together for a look that screams fiesta!”

Diane von Furstenberg's woven wire bracelets

Read The Full Article from StyleCaster Viva Mexico! – StyleCaster http://www.stylecaster.com/trends/121/viva-mexico#ixzz0sMzgbYwD
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Before you run off to play in the summer sun, check out the Fashion page of StyleCaster.  It is a great place to learn about styles and “looks”.  You can click on Occasion to see:

or click Style to see

You can also choose to look by Body Type, Color, Product Type or Temperature.  Go for it and give your style chops some exercise.  What a great way to learn! 

If you are ready to get bloggin’, check out OnSugar.com – it may help you spread your fashion fame!  And if you are “not quite ready for primetime”, you will still enjoy checking out the blogs already on this sweet site.

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