International Sewing Machine Collector’s Society

An animated representation of the inter workin...

An animated representation of the inter workings of a sewing machine, using the lockstitch method. Español: Una representación del funcionamiento de una máquina de coser. Français : Animation présentant le fonctionnement d’une machine à coudre. Русский: Принцип формирования строчки машиной челночного стежка Português: Uma representação do funcionamento de una máquina de costura. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Again, browsing the internet rewards us with this find. First, the International Sewing Machine Collector’s Society came to our attention when we were entertaining ourselves with Google Images.  We typed these key words – old sewing machine drawing.

Using key words of your own is a good place to start on a search engine.  Also look at the pop-up list of completed searches to see if something specific catches your eye.  It is right and left brain playing and enjoying.

A quick scroll down the images page was fun.  Then we landed on this great photo and clicked.  It is a Thimonnier technical drawing of the early sewing machine showing all of its parts. 

Thimonnier technical drawing, courtesy of ISMACS

Thimonnier technical drawing, courtesy of ISMACS

Thimonnier was born in 1793 and he was creating these machines long before most were ready to accept them.  As you can read at ISMACS, people did not see the value in these machines.  You may have heard in a fashion history class that tailors burned all of these first wooden sewing machines.  That fact may make you think of how people feel today when a machine takes their place in the workforce.  But back to the fun stuff… check out the ISMACS website. 

The society gives links to a great variety of useful things. 


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