Laver said it all when it comes to erogenous zones.

James Laver (1899-1975) offers the student of fashion so much.  The best we can do is point you in his direction. 


Laver Costume%20History

One of many fashion books by James Laver

What’s Up Pussycat has a great short post on Laver to whet your appetite.  They quote Laver on how fashion is seen 10 years before its time…and on through 150 years after its time.

Have you read that quote?  It will help you understand the nature of fashion change.

Our second favorite quote from Laver is “The erogenous zone is always shifting, and it is the business of fashion to pursue it, without ever catching it up.” – Laver

For example, this cleavage battle…..


Bar Refaeli VS Katy Perry

Versus this cleavage “buttle”…



We feel sure Laver was right.

We always talk about Laver in FSHD 1311 – Fashion History.  He is one of those people who has an uncanny ability to see the big picture.

We quoted him recently in a post but it bears repeating because it is our Number One Favorite Laver Quote.  Laver wrote in the forward to the Pictorial Encyclopedia of Fashion by Paul Hamlyn, “And this is the greatest of fashion’s many paradoxes: its objective — acceptance by the masses — carries with it its downfall.”



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7 responses to “Laver said it all when it comes to erogenous zones.

  1. I’d like to withdraw $100, please young female models

  2. Thought this was interesting. Its an ebay page. Someone is selling a couture Balenciaga dress + the jacket. It looks phenominal.

    new link to window display:

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