Ah… the internet OR Use Your Textbook to Set Sail on the High Seas

In a board post at Yahoo Groups – Petite Pandore, Barbara, the group moderator, wrote, “Louise had hand dyed the Tom Thumb Fringe & soutache wine red to match the vest. The skirt upon which the trim was sewn is a wine and rose stripe. As with many costumes of this era the back has a detachable belt with matching Lapettes. They have two rows of soutache around the edges. To top off the confection she used the Lambella Hat with silk velvet around the edge, rose silk ribbon ties and tiny flowers.”

Lambella Hat (Lamballe) led us to Google Images and that led quite quickly to The Costumer’s Guide to  Movie Costumes ahhhhhhhhhh….

Princess de Lamballe in Marie-Antoinette

Just go.  The web site will be an incredible boon to your fashion history knowledge.  The sightings and documentation of costume is wonderful. 

This peach striped dress appears on extras in Marie Antoinette and it is also used in John Adams. 

Watteau influences fashion even today at least through film. 




Marie-Antoinette having tea with her brother as seen through the eyes of the cinema. 

In a few instances, the web site offers photographs of actual period clothing that influenced film costume design. 

 In this example, The Affair of the Necklace is inspired by … 

…an actual Eighteenth century jacket from the Kyoto Costume Institute collection, seen left.   

PS – If you have a chance to see or buy the book that catalogs the garments from the Kyoto Costume Institute collection, please take the time.  The book is stunning and the garment examples are unparalled.   There is a digital archive of the KCI here.

PPS – The Costumer’s Guide has many other features including Movie Versions of Famous Paintings or A few words on movie costume design and historical accuracyAn interview with costume maker and cutter, Jane Law is also available.  She created the “Breathe” gown from Ever After  

There is also a page of great links and Current and Upcoming Exhibits

Make Fashion History, FSHD 1311 come alive, read, surf…

Live and Learn at The Costumer’s Guide to  Movie Costumes


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