Polyester and our health

“The textile industry is the #1 industrial polluter of water in the world.” 

“What are residual chemicals in the fabrics doing to you and the planet?”

“Chemicals which remain in the fabric are absorbed by our bodies.”  “Chemicals used routinely in textile processing – and found in the fabrics we live with – include those that bioaccumulate, persist in our environment and contribute to a host of human diseases.”

“The fabrics we bring into our homes contain chemicals which are outlawed in other products.”

“Many fabrics sold in the USA are outlawed in China, Japan and the EU – because of the chemicals found in the fabrics.”

Why choose an organic fabric?

O Ecotextiles – “Patty and Leigh Anne founded this company to make the whole world safer while making our personal environments more beautiful.”

“After forming O Ecotextiles in 2004, they began a world-wide search for manufacturing partners interested in a cradle-to-cradle process of creating no-impact, perfectly safe, incredibly luxurious fabrics.”

See some of these fabrics at Green Home Resource Center.


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