Fashion History Wrap Up

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If you are a life-long learner, the “semester” has just begun.  This post will serve as a grouping of many posts written to relate to Fashion History.  As time permits, feel free to surf this post and find links to various topics under the main category of fashion history.

Also, feel free to look at the LinksList to the right and find FSHD 1311; Fashion History; Costume; Museums and more.

Here is a list of posts related to Fashion History with links to each.

Fashionnation1on1 asks YOU: what will they wear in 2080 A.D.

Laver said it all when it comes to erogenous zones.

Fashion Pre-History all over again.

Some things are just made for the bright lights of the runway.

To grow sweet potatoes and milk cows…

Dyeing to know

Use Your Textbook to Set Sail on the High Seas

The story is in the history.

Imagine your Fashion History project could be digital.

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