is it real or is it fake…?

Hello everyone!!

its been a while i know but hey im a busy busy girl what can i say lol jk ya’ll i know ive left you a bit abandoned but i couldnt come up with anything to write UNTIL today!! yay!

so for my retailing and clothing collection class we are suppose to read an article from WWD so i finally had time to pick an issue up today although its an oldie it was definitely a goodie 🙂

So the article consisted of people buying and importing fake handbags, shoes, jewelry, etc. I know for sure most of you have heard, read, or maybe even seen one of these infamous products. Its sad but true. After all the designers do to make sure their merchandise is unique and one of a kind there are still people who cant respect that. So sad…so according to this article this “business” makes up billions of dollars a year!!  thats right people billions!!! although they are now lawsuits and laws that have been set up to stop this people are still finding new and sneakier ways to import them into the streets of NYC and other major retail cities. Just the other day at work i was telling one of my co-workers about this because she is guilty of buying one of these products. I work at a Macy’s and she was telling me that once about a year and half ago they had a particular situation where a customer returned a fake handbag to the store. the sales associate not paying attention took the handbag back without inspecting the bag to her the handbag looked “real”.

This is one of the many competitors designers have to deal with in this industry. I mean fighting each other to have the “it” product each season or being the hot new label is hard enough now they have to deal with knockoff…not only is it damaging their image but also their profit.

But i guess in a society where pretty much everything is fake in a person from hair, eyes, nails, breasts, butts yes those are becoming more and more popular i guess this is what we could expect.

well unitl the next one…

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  1. Trish

    About twenty years ago, I was in Columbia, South America with the lead designer for the Yves Saint Laurent’s Rive Gauche line. We were looking at garments in the stores and he spotted a pair of “Yves Saint Laurent” pants…. only, guess what, YSL had NO accounts in South America.

    My friend went on to get information about the store and the source of the pants so that legal steps could be taken to stop the counterfeit items.

    We also found a shop that sold every designer label under the sun. I actually mean the LABEL… you could purchase counterfeit labels for Dior, Saint Laurent, and anyone else who designs and has a branded label. Imagine that!!!

    The only thing I wanted to do was buy one of every label and make myself a vest or jacket of nothing but patched together labels. That would have been funny at the time since the whole “designer label” craze was just getting rolling in the early 1980s.

    I am sure counterfeits and knock-offs will never stop but if the big designers give up the good fight to protect their branded image, they will be in worse shape. I am sure huge amounts of money go into fighting the thieves, but what is the choice. If branded labels allow counterfeits to proliferate, they will allow their own well crafted images to become meaningless.

    I think the consumer is also to blame for buying these products. However, I understand that people always want to “trade up” on image so they feel that if they cannot afford a Gucci bag, the counterfeit may still “get them over” with their friends or companions.

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