Influenced by the stars…

Designing Woman

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Trend forecasting and target designing make apparel designers in the end.  Feeling the mood of the moment is one cool trick.  Recreating the past is another. 

You can find inspiration many places.  Search both present and past to find the future.  FanPix is one place to start. 

At FanPix, you can search the current era or surf the history of film.  You can search by name to save time.  If you use the IMDb to find films of impact on fashion, write down the names of the key actors.  Next, come back to FanPix to find those actors by name in order to get more photo images of the garments or fashions worn in the films.  Determine how these pieces of clothing will enter the consumer supply chain.  Then decide how this impacts your customer. 


For example start with Audrey Hepburn.  Find the names of her various films.  Determine which designers dressed her.  Look at her film images and predict which of Audrey’s looks is affecting fashion now or will affect fashion in the future. 

Rita Hayworth photo at FanPix


 Remember to check the Film category in the LinksList for more film inspiration links.  


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