thinking about it…

so the other day while taking a very long drive from one side of town to the other me and my daddy were talking about what i was going to do with my degree once i finished school. He keeps thinking i cant do much here in el paso that i would probably have to leave town in order to make good use of it, but the truth is that there is plenty of opportunities here its just a matter of finding them. So he has been thinking about opening a store for a good while now and sort of offered me to run the whole thing. Of course I loved the idea I mean come on it would practically be my store!! The only thing is that I am kind of scared but still just the challenge of it gives me this rush!! So anyone with any experience out there i would love it if you could give me a few pointers because who knows maybe i will throw myself out there after all and take the risk. Oh yeah and for those who are wondering what kind of store, of course i would love a clothing store but since my dad is dishing out the money it will most likely be a sports store. Which wouldnt be that bad I love the whole idea. Well lets see what happens only time will tell…

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  1. Trish

    Oh, time to live the dream. Research first. Just for starts: Look at the other stores of similar size and focus in your area. Look at the big store competitors (find and plan a way to differentiate and improve the concept in your store.) Look at mass discounters to see if one of their departments is a big competitor.

    If you are still going forward, learn everything possible about your customer. Perhaps the most important thing to know is WHERE they will shop… what part of town, internet, from promotonal offers mailed to their home, their email, their phone.

    Knowing the customer is the hardest, yet most important, aspect of a successful business.

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