It’s a funny thing…

Perhaps our industry is so age old that setting standards seems audacious.  Perhaps there are so many necessary, interdisciplinary skills demanded of anyone who can maintain success in our industry that a competency list would be epic.

Walking the path of this career field could be better stated as running and jumping on the moving target of a tight rope that vibrates at lightening speed and transverses the globe and beyond.  In other words, you “gotta” have some skills.

At the topic of costume designers having no criteria for skill experience is alive and well.

“Our jobs are enormously satisfying, We are grownups getting to play dress up and make believe and [get] paid for it!  However, I have seen over the past few years a real lack of professionalism becoming the norm, not just with conduct on set, (too much talking behind monitor, opinions thrown about from any green PA to craft service about clothes, acting, camera angles), but in the skills of people hired for …specific skills!

There are home sewing classes everywhere!  Everyone who does not know how, but wants to work in costume should take one. There are sewing instructions on line [Fashion Incubator], and cheap machines at Sears!  I am a very consistent and loyal employer, but only of those who knew how to sew.

That should be a Frock Talk Tee shirt… “I Know… How To Sew!”



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2 responses to “It’s a funny thing…

  1. I was extremely delighted to find this site.I wished to say thank you to you with regard to this wonderful read!!! I absolutely loved each little bit of it and We have you bookmarked to check out new things you put up.


    • fashionnation1on1

      Arline – it is wonderful that you found the site and enjoy it. Please come back any time and feel free to share this blog with anyone. If we can be of any help, let us know!!

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