Don’t label me, bro!

If you find yourself in need of a small quantity of woven labels, you may find any number of manufacturers willing to accommodate you.  In the past, woven labels were geared toward very large quantities if you wanted a custom label at a reasonable price.

Today even small companies can afford woven labels.  We found one label manufacturer by browsing Etsy.  The company, FancyWeaver, has both an Etsy store and a proprietary website.  On their website we were able to find quantities of letter only, woven labels as low as 200 units for $45, shipping from Hong Kong included.  That divides out to less than $.23 per label.  The same small quantity can be ordered with a logo and lettering for $.30 each.  Higher quantities bring prices as low as $.10 per label.  Fantastic!

You can even send the company the Pantone numbers for the colors of thread to be used on your labels for a truly branded product.

The same company also offers stock woven size labels – in black, white and a few other colors.  These quantities can be as low as 50 pieces, with just 10 labels per size.  You can order 1000 pieces with a minimal price break.

The company’s website also offers Care Labels.  All of these labels are required by law, further, by law they must be sewn into certain locations for each garment type.

Before you make any purchases, make sure that you have studied the legal requirements for product labeling!  Check out sites such as The Bureau of Consumer Protection to find such information as: Threading Your Way Through the Labeling Requirements Under the Textile and Wool Acts and if you are in need of an introduction to the topic of labels, read What is a Clothing Label? at ApparelSearch.

And while you are shopping, you might want to load up on some hang tags.  You can submit your artwork in many formats and the hang tags look like a good quality.  The price run favors higher quantities with 100 pieces costing $.35 each and 1000 pieces costing less than $.10 each.

So, look into making your product look great with a hang tag and woven labels.


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2 responses to “Don’t label me, bro!

  1. Wonderful details. I absolutely delight in the approach how you describe the facts with regards to labels. This is obviously of a huge help particularly those folks like me who’re presently searching this kind of things.

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  2. Zayra

    Wow Trish!!!! this is a very valuable information!!!! thank you so much!!!! I’ll definitely be ordering some labels!! again, THANK YOU!!!

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