ALL blogs are NOT created EQUAL

There are so many fantastic blogs these days.  And there are so many even more fantastic blogs these days. 01=2-16-11 Update… WordPress has grown from 200,000 to 500,000 blogs since this post was written.

Fact: so many blogs, so little time.

If you take even the shortest webtour, you are bound to find incredible things.  Yes, wonderful things (that is a Tutankhamun reference!!)  Read more!

Just a few minutes got us “fredflare” with their Clicks to Bricks retail video — just 6 minutes and 49 seconds to see the FIRST fredflare “door” store after ten years of web sales, I guess we would call this an “actual” store … along with a fun virtual tour that will leave your head spinning.

FredFlare Clicks to Bricks!!

FredFlare Clicks to Bricks!!

And if you do not watch Sliimy’s Shopping Spree you have wasted the best 2 minutes and 45 seconds of your life…

Here is what fredflare did to entertain you… 

“Super excited to share today’s Slimmy vid with u! We invited designers from all round the globe to make & send us prezzies for him and we got some INCRED stuff from all over the globe… Singapore, England, Australia, France, Canada, California, NYC and so much more…”

This is taking the “marketplace” to a whole NEW LEVEL!  Bringing the newest of the new to YOU!  I mean really, how do YOU shop the marketplace… do you crawl into one of those big flying machines.  fredflare seems to have created a way to shop vendors from the comfort of “home”.


Sliimy has a new video … check out the retail promotion fun.

Now, let’s jump from Retail to Illustration –  How to draw realistic eyes from Small Worlds Art Scene on WordPress.  In a word, wonderful.

After you watch the video, click to see Part II that shows more drawing details and which PhotoShop tools to use for the drawing.  That’s good stuff!

Sorry to have “been away” so long (that IS why I hoped this blog would be communal) — ah, well, move on, we always say!  We have been so busy with classes, designing collections, draping skirts, and swinging darts, fashion shows and more fashion shows, awards banquets, competition starts and more.  But that is another story for another day, so get clickin’.  Adios

PS – Hey, if you want to blog and you are a scaredy cat, check out this fredflare blog by BFF Charlie the cat – who writes about 13 year old Tavi who started blogging and ended up (while she was still 13!!) on the cover of Pop!

FredFlare BFF Guest Charlie

FredFlare BFF Guest Charlie 

Look, if Tavi can do it — well, check out her Style Rookie blog and, as they say, “read ’em and weep!”  This is fashion criticism at its best.  Make it a regular stop-in…..



I will definitely drop these links into the side bar!!

Just remember, All blogs are NOT created EQUAL – some blogs just gotta’ have fun!!

FredFlare mustache socks

FredFlare mustache socks

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