A Yucky Update with Little More than Zero Results

More than five years ago (May 2011), we wrote a post about Zero Waste called “Yucky and a Great Big Zero“. It is a short little post that with an interesting message. And it teaches us about the internet. What was a live link five years ago may be anything today. Sometimes it is the exact page, just as it was shared. We have learned that anything linked on yahoo or similar sites, will not be archived for future reference. It was valuable for a little while… but not for long enough for it to command a bit of resource to maintain. This could be good or bad, determined by the value of the original information. In a zero waste world, it may be for the best. Yet, it was romantic to think the internet would be this long-lasting source of information. It’s the hot news, just as it is the hot dress, the IT bag, or the must have shoe. All trash soon enough.


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Less ways to wish for…. more ways to work toward it. – Metric

Taking the power is no easy task. It is not a short lived adventure. Though  progress is made, the finish line continues to surge ahead. When there are defeats, to give in assures not attaining the goal. The steady march of many feet make all the difference. We at fashionnation1on1 hope you are able, in some way, to add your footprint to the path of “redressing” the world, addressing the realities, and doing that little something, that done many times over, makes the world a saner and safer place.

In the title cut of Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? , the lyrics say,

“Every ten year-old enemy soldier
Thinks falling bombs are shooting stars sometimes
But she doesn’t make wishes on them
When she wishes, she wishes for less ways to wish for
More ways to work toward it
Ten year-old enemy soldier
Our falling bombs are her shooting stars”

Less ways to wish for…. more ways to work toward it. Thank you for that little refresher, Emily Haines and James Shaw!
It is refreshing to see more and more focus on this issue of waste, even if the movement is still tiny in comparison to what is needed. Watching one YouTube video leads you to so many others on a similar topic, so please watch often, gain ideas, meet others, and make your footprint.
This video, Redressing the Fashion Industry, from 2013 is an easy 13 minute lead in to the topic of waste reduction. It is enjoyable to see the items being designed and learn about the availability of the waste products. It is also great to learn that the company disposing of the waste gains “good press points” by being green with their trash. Perfect, win/win! Especially when that “trash” is a “treasure”. Take a look.

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Have your heard – Simplicity Rules?

On his website, Adam says, “I’m Adam DuVander and I help people create on the web. This is my personal site, where I share my thoughts about keeping things simple–on your website, but also for yourself.”

On his blog, you will find useful posts about simplicity, getting to the core through subtraction, idea development and using time productively.

Check out these posts on: 6 Productive Time-Boxing Techniques, or The Two Simplicity Paths, or Don’t Bury the Lead, or our favorite, Practice Subtraction.

We like the way Adam thinks and writes. We hope you can pick up some great tips.

Dispense with a horse

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Faux Magazines – Fine Fibers

It is quite fun to create faux magazines at Big Huge Labs (search for the link in the LinksList). Fine Fibers is a faux mag that we created. We love its tagline, The Alchemy of… Fine Fibers. How true is that? Textile artists are so amazing. Enjoy the mag covers.

2008 March 4

2008 March 11

2008 March 18

All of these photos are “borrowed” from Google Images. Since we are not doing anything with them but playing, we assume it is fine. If you see a photo that is yours, please let us know.

2008 March 25

2008 April 1

It is hard to believe that eight years have passed since we made these faux mags.

2008 April 8

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Do you know you can add PayPal to your WordPress blog?

Do you have your creative work for sale?

Just click this WordPress Support page for steps to hook to PayPal. Have a great day.

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Looking to create a blog of your own?

How many of you would like tips on how to create a blog?

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All there is and ever was – – – I want it all, I want it all — Emily Haines, Metric

Many of you know that we have always been inspired by Metric lyrics. Somehow, again and again, the lyrics take us where we need to go, find us where we are, or meet us when we arrive.

In The Shade, Emily Haines sings about “everything” with her typical eternal touch. You can listen to a bit of it at Metric’s website – click Music, click on the album Pagans in Vegas. If you have ever been lucky enough to hear this song in concert, you may find it staying with you.

Here are a few of The Shades lyrics from Genius

With eternal love, the stars above

All there is and ever was

I want it all, I want it all

I want it all, I want it all

A blade of grass, a grain of sand

The moonlit sea, to hold your hand

I want it all, I want it all

I want it all, I want it all

In an October 2015 article at Time Magazine’s website, Metric’s Emily Haines on the Band’s Two New Albums and Breaking Free From the Internet, the author, Nolan Feeney, states, “While Pagans opens on a cynical note—“Got to be sedated to be seen/ On the cover of your magazine,” Haines sings on the entertainment-industry critique “Lie Lie Lie”—the band’s songwriting experiments produced some of their most positive, optimistic material yet. Instead of panicking about the state of her life (as she did on older songs like “Help I’m Alive” and “Breathing Underwater”), Haines is on the mood to celebrate on tracks like “Cascades,” a five-minute robot trance she says is about “loving being alive, the feeling of going strong with whatever it is that’s compelling you on.”

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