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Gene designs from fabulous, young fashion designers in El Paso, Texas

Love in Louisville and Love in Bloom did not come first in our story but this photo is ready to welcome you to read more about the great designers “Out in the West Texas town of El Paso…”

You can see why “I (we) fell in love with a Mexican girl”.

These photos are from other Gene collectors. We are working to learn who so we can give credit for the photos and styling.

We present from left to right, Love in Louisville and Love in Bloom. Regina’s original design was in black and the black version is very limited because it was done for the Sandra Stillwell and Ashton Drake Gene Convention in Louisville as a special event. Love in Bloom was an Ashton Drake line doll. The pink color was styled by Joan Greene. Love in Bloom is the doll that was honored to be the Gene doll photographed to introduce the male doll, Trent Osborn, to the Gene Marshall line. We are looking for that photo to share.

Love in Louisville and Love in Bloom

Love in Bloom small pic

But, of course, Love in Bloom has its own Wiki page.


The same designer of Love in Bloom, Regina Ganem, also created The Perfect Gift when she was a Junior at the CCTE, Center for Career and Technology Education, a part of the EPISD – El Paso Independent School District.

The Perfect Gift is a boxed outfit. Here she is in the Ashton Drake catalog photo.


If you cannot get enough of these amazing fashions, go to the general Gene Marshall and Friends Pinterest page and enjoy photos from 20 years of fashion doll history.

Or read about this doll’s history at Gene Marshall Wiki

To be continued.

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Looking to create a blog of your own?

How many of you would like tips on how to create a blog?

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Have you met Michi Raab?

As you can read at the University of Fashion website, Michi Raab is a professional fashion portfolio teacher, tutor and coach. She has guided fashion designers in creating and improving their portfolios to increase their success in job searches, schoolwork, and applications to design schools. She works with all levels of designers, from high school students to seasoned professionals.”

We thought meeting Michi was a great way to be introduced to the University of Fashion. Read more about Michi and her career. MichiRaab-HeadShot

Then meet all the UF instructors here. Just reading about their varied experiences may spark something in your own journey.

Getting to know an educational institution is all about getting to know the instructors and practicing what they teach.


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Making zippers invisible and other “seam”ingly impossible acts.

In case you don’t know it all, head over to Fashion-Incubator and work your way through the many tutorials and posts. Remember that the comments of the posts often hold great gems of wisdom from experienced apparel industry professionals. You will quickly be able to discern who is a newbie, however, note that their questions and insights can be valuable thinking fuel.

1 Invisible_Zippers_red_through_Blue_largeImage from Burda Style

There is so much archived content on Fashion-Incubator, dig in and read past posts and follow the links inside of posts for an education extraordinaire.

Here is the Invisible Zipper Tutorial.

1 factory zipperImage from Sew4home

The internet holds so much that our brain limits and time limits can be stretched. Maybe that is the point. Which brings us to V-Sauce – Mind-Blowing Creations & The Best of the Internet – so stretch on…..

Watch what someone can do with thread… twenty seconds :08-:28… and if you can stay for all 5:17 minutes, you will enjoy the illustrations which are perfect for the ghouling month!! Watch on…


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Fashion-Incubator time….

No one could love Kathleen Fasanella more that we love her.  We are SURE of that!!  Kathleen is a champion to all DEs and she works tirelessly (not that she never gets tired from it) on our behalf.  If she charged for all of her offerings, she would be richer than Solomon.  But her blog is FREE.  Our students are required to read Kathleen’s blog.  About 10% of them actually do it.  But you know what they say about the top 10%… they are always on top!


So for those of you in the Top Ten Percent, here are a few direct links so you can catch up on some of the things we need to be doing.  Do you recall us talking about the CPSIA?  Do you recall that you were instructed to go and read about it?  Hopefully you did that reading.  Below is a link that gives a really brief overview of the information.

From and old post on the Injury Board National News Desk (a site that no longer exists), entitled “Mom-based Garment Industry May Be Hardest Hit by New Safety Regulations” you can see how complex it can be to stay legal and compliant in children’s wear.
Here is a link to the Consumer Product Safety Commission that we are posting just to show how difficult it can be to find out what is necessary to be compliant.
Fasanella betsy-ross
Kathleen is not only brilliant and useful, she is funny.  This post on Fashion-Incubator hooks us up with a Slate post about Betsy Ross (definitely an early DE!)
No one who is serious about this business should miss reading this post on Standard Work.  And if time ever permits, take the Reverse Engineering tour of posts.
Kathleen also keeps her readers up-to-date on trade shows that enhance your knowledge, offer opportunities for networking, and give you a chance to attend a meet-up with like-minded DEs.
So start to save your pennies, nickels and dimes so you can attend the next Texprocess Americas in May 2016.  You could not possibly find a better way to spend your education dollars.  In the meantime, make sure you read any reviews you can find on these industry trade shows.
An aside: TSNN (Trade Show News Network) has an interesting post about webinars as a way to get more bang for the buck on trade show seminars (like the ones we are watching with Mercedes Gonzalez)  and a one hour webinar on how to make your trade shows sustainable, Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.
Now back to Fashion-Incubator to finish, we are going to look at some posts that should give you a very clear picture of the complexities that are a natural part of a small apparel company.  Kathleen opens the first of three posts like this, “By way of introducing a new head-hurting series (sorry), let’s start with a quiz.”  Part One and Part Two of Ordering Sizes for Production are up next.

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Have you got 3 minutes? Then, Burn Baby Burn

Do you need a reminder about using burn tests to determine fiber content of a fabric?  Well, jump over to Threads and view Burn Testing for Fabric Identification.

Burn Baby Burn

Also see the recommended Threads article at to learn more about ten common fiber types.

Finally, use the Ctrl F command and type the word burn to find more posts and links on this blog that can help you be a pro at fabric identification.

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Fashion Industry ABC’s from Texworld USA

Lenzing is the textile mill we love.  We appreciate the fact that they produce seminars and put them on YouTube for all of us to see and learn.


In the Fashion Industry ABC’s you get to ask yourself, “Do you want to be rich or do you want to be famous?”  You probably cannot be both.   Well, let someone else tell you.  Mercedes Gonzales, Director, Global Purchasing Companies, will tell you how it goes.  How do I get from A to B and where do I start? [Takes about 45 minutes: From  1:11 to 53 minutes with additional great Q&A until the end.]

For those who study with us at the college level, none of this should be unfamiliar.  You will hear things like, you need to be in the customer’s brain, predicting what they want before they know.  You have to know who you “hang with”.  You have to be known for something.  What makes sense to the store buyer–did you give them a point of reference or are you a profit center?  You have to work backwards in your pricing.  Limit the number of fabrics you use.  Why would anyone want to buy from me?  How do we create emotion?  How actual costing realities occur, margins and profit, profit, profit.

(Anyone who reads and studies will find this seminar to be a reminder of the things you have learned from Kathleen Fasanella, especially if you have read her book.)

Fashion Industry ABC’s is geared towards helping the emerging fashion designer, as well as retailer who wants to start their own fashion or private label line. Fashion Industry ABC: is a practical, insightful, crash course on how business is really done and the tools you will need to be successful.”

Today as we post this, there have only been 139 views of this video.  It makes us ask ourselves, where are these people who say they want to be in the fashion industry? 

Tex Lenzing has 241 videos on YouTube… go forth and learn.

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