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Gene designs from fabulous, young fashion designers in El Paso, Texas

Love in Louisville and Love in Bloom did not come first in our story but this photo is ready to welcome you to read more about the great designers “Out in the West Texas town of El Paso…”

You can see why “I (we) fell in love with a Mexican girl”.

These photos are from other Gene collectors. We are working to learn who so we can give credit for the photos and styling.

We present from left to right, Love in Louisville and Love in Bloom. Regina’s original design was in black and the black version is very limited because it was done for the Sandra Stillwell and Ashton Drake Gene Convention in Louisville as a special event. Love in Bloom was an Ashton Drake line doll. The pink color was styled by Joan Greene. Love in Bloom is the doll that was honored to be the Gene doll photographed to introduce the male doll, Trent Osborn, to the Gene Marshall line. We are looking for that photo to share.

Love in Louisville and Love in Bloom

Love in Bloom small pic

But, of course, Love in Bloom has its own Wiki page.


The same designer of Love in Bloom, Regina Ganem, also created The Perfect Gift when she was a Junior at the CCTE, Center for Career and Technology Education, a part of the EPISD – El Paso Independent School District.

The Perfect Gift is a boxed outfit. Here she is in the Ashton Drake catalog photo.


If you cannot get enough of these amazing fashions, go to the general Gene Marshall and Friends Pinterest page and enjoy photos from 20 years of fashion doll history.

Or read about this doll’s history at Gene Marshall Wiki

To be continued.

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New Directions in Black Western Studies (CFP)

Miquel Juarez, another amazing El Pasoan, posted an email he received this week. Congratulations, Miguel. We love you!!

The Official Blog of the Western Literature Association

New Directions in Black Western Studies

Western History Association Conference

Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa, San Diego, California

01-04 November 2017


We are seeking proposals for the 57th Western History Association Conference workshop and American Studies Special Issue: “New Directions in Black Western Studies.”

Though several scholarly historical treatments of Blacks in the North American West exist, few engage with what Black Western Studies means in a contemporary context. Over the past decade there has been a return to the west in intellectual and artistic production at a rate not seen since the 1970s. Several critically acclaimed television series, films, music albums, and literary texts are rooted firmly in western historical legacies. Likewise, the relationship between Blackness and western geographical and cultural identity has been explored in various disciplinary genres. From film, music, literature, and art to theatre, architecture, and museum studies, These possibilities drive several questions undergirding…

View original post 583 more words

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“El Paso: Love all the way down to the rivets”

Over on the Reid Miller apparel website blog, there is a story entitled “El Paso: Love all the way down to the rivets.” It is an enchanting story of a first time visit to the West Texas city, El Paso.

Reid says, When I arrived in El Paso the beauty and peace I experienced was so startling that I worried I would get into an accident in my rental car with all that there was to take in around me. There were mountains and desert seeped in a beautiful pink then yellow light from the desert sun, with the freeway painted peach and light green to match this curious, beautiful little city that seemed to have appeared out of my dreams.”

She observed, “The next morning I returned to the factory to find people working away at their machines, the music humming in the background. Workers chatted and laughed, it was Friday and everyone was looking forward to going dancing. A group of a dozen or so people worked on beautiful old machines, framed by golden spools of thread, in a beautiful atmosphere, loving what they do and the people they work with.”

Well, let Reid tell you…

Bob Paluzi and Reid Miller

As her About page says, “Reid is a designer, entrepreneur, researcher and passionate bike commuter. REID MILLER Apparel is her vision for a more beautiful, creative biking world, where a woman’s form and freedom are celebrated through high quality, stylish attire for bike commuting.”

We love Reid’s determinations to “improve on what exists to create a better biking world.”

It is also great that her line and Bob Paluzi are making such meaningful work for people.

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“How you would walk the fashion mile… Hand me down and call it style.” Metric

StyleCaster is a decent website to catch up or keep up with fashion trends.  Better yet, you can publish your own style on StyleCaster – just register to get started.

You can click on Fashion, News, People, Shop and more to narrow your search.  People led to Tania Barri who is a design student in Mexico.  Tania’s StyleCaster page supplied a link to her blog, PinkAndBubbly.  You should take a few minutes to run through Tania’s blog to see how simple it is to keep the world informed about your own style.

Clicking Shop led to “Recent Trends” which included Viva Mexico!  It seemed appropriate after reading Tania Barri’s fun blog!

The StyleCaster site says, “Oscar de la Renta dipped his brush into the palette of Mexico.”  You can find the entire line on 

Jean Paul Gaultier took his Mexican inspiration to a different level.

El Paso Saddle Bags made a showing.  Where can you take this concept?  How about a suit jacket like Jose D Saenz created from a gorgeous, bright yellow serape?  Or the great orange serape jacket that Jose created for himself?  You should ask him to show them.

Back to Mexico – StyleCaster says, “Why We Love It: When the sun is high o’er head, who isn’t inspired by the Southern border? Whether you’re on a beach or just out to dinner, this exotic look is sure to turn heads with its bright colors and festive prints. Airy fabrics, flirty hues, embroidered tops and crazy patterns come together for a look that screams fiesta!”

Diane von Furstenberg's woven wire bracelets

Read The Full Article from StyleCaster Viva Mexico! – StyleCaster
Sign Up For StyleCaster! StyleCaster

Before you run off to play in the summer sun, check out the Fashion page of StyleCaster.  It is a great place to learn about styles and “looks”.  You can click on Occasion to see:

or click Style to see

You can also choose to look by Body Type, Color, Product Type or Temperature.  Go for it and give your style chops some exercise.  What a great way to learn! 

If you are ready to get bloggin’, check out – it may help you spread your fashion fame!  And if you are “not quite ready for primetime”, you will still enjoy checking out the blogs already on this sweet site.

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Where are we? We promise to be back. In the meantime…

El Paso Magazine tells us that Sam Rodriguez, UTEP student, created the winning design for the Take Back the Night national campaign.

Miner’s artwork picked for T-shirt of national campaign
To read the entire article, click the Title
by Arleene Barrios, PIO, UTEP

Posted on March 22, 2010
“The national committee organizing the Take Back the Night awareness campaign against sexual violence announced March 16 that it has selected a design by UTEP junior Sam Rodriguez for its national commemorative T-shirt.

The front of the black T-shirt is decorated with a flickering flame on top of the stacked words Take Back the Night, which are shaped like a candle. The shirts will be used as a fundraiser for the event that started more than 33 years ago in Brussels, Belgium.

The back of the shirts have the TBTN logo along with 10 points of light—the 10 centers, colleges and universities, including UTEP, that were selected to participate in a special April 29 program.”.

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Here we go….

If you have a plan you win


El Paso Sky Aesthetic

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FNO Is Back

From Vogue UK we read, “THE biggest night in the fashion calendar, Fashion’s Night Out, is back for 2010. The international editions of Vogue confirmed this morning that they plan to repeat the global shopping celebration on September 9 2010.”

Shall we make a plan?  FN1on1 hopes that many of you will join us to party and shop.  Long Live the Fashion Industry!

Check out a few shots from FNO 2009 on The Rest is Just Icing and there is a permanent link to Jessica and Cassandra’s blog on the LinksList.

FNO 2009 Jess and Cassie

FNO 2009 - Jess and Cassie in front of Agua promoting VIDA

Surf on over to Vogue UK to read about FNO 2010 and check out the links to the 2009 FNO  photos or click the links here.




But most importantly, put 09/09/10 on your Fashion Calendar!!

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