Imagine if the 1930s had not ended with World War II

We were musing about the imagined nature of today’s fashion had the moods of the 1930s continued. The celebration of the fabulous feminine.

Sammy D Vintage has a super post on 15 Ways the ’30s Woman Dressed Fabulously.

The post says, “Considering the average income of an American family decreased by 40 percent between 1929 (the Great Depression) and 1932, you’d think that the styles of the day would be drab, depressing and definitely not as delightful as what you’re about to see in this article! The reality is that because times were so hard, men and women yearned to live vicariously through the fantastical fashions in the theater and attempt to re-create for themselves using sewing patterns and other do-it-yourself methods of clothing production.”

We absolutely love Sammy D Vintage. In the “About” you can find some fun FAQs such as, “What is this website all about? This vintage fashion blog is where you’ll learn how to style, find and sell vintage and get some history behind great clothing that inspires the trends of today. You can also discover the basics of vintage style and thrifting on my FAQ pages. Learn how I style fashion on the style page. I love this photo gallery!” Sounds good to us.



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