Gene designs from fabulous, young fashion designers in El Paso, Texas

Love in Louisville and Love in Bloom did not come first in our story but this photo is ready to welcome you to read more about the great designers “Out in the West Texas town of El Paso…”

You can see why “I (we) fell in love with a Mexican girl”.

These photos are from other Gene collectors. We are working to learn who so we can give credit for the photos and styling.

We present from left to right, Love in Louisville and Love in Bloom. Regina’s original design was in black and the black version is very limited because it was done for the Sandra Stillwell and Ashton Drake Gene Convention in Louisville as a special event. Love in Bloom was an Ashton Drake line doll. The pink color was styled by Joan Greene. Love in Bloom is the doll that was honored to be the Gene doll photographed to introduce the male doll, Trent Osborn, to the Gene Marshall line. We are looking for that photo to share.

Love in Louisville and Love in Bloom

Love in Bloom small pic

But, of course, Love in Bloom has its own Wiki page.


The same designer of Love in Bloom, Regina Ganem, also created The Perfect Gift when she was a Junior at the CCTE, Center for Career and Technology Education, a part of the EPISD – El Paso Independent School District.

The Perfect Gift is a boxed outfit. Here she is in the Ashton Drake catalog photo.


If you cannot get enough of these amazing fashions, go to the general Gene Marshall and Friends Pinterest page and enjoy photos from 20 years of fashion doll history.

Or read about this doll’s history at Gene Marshall Wiki

To be continued.

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