Nigel Chia does couture in 1/4 scale.

If you have not already enjoyed the videos of Nigel Chia, treat yourself to a half hour of joy and inspiration. Nigel has been doing collections for women and high end fashion dolls for five years starting in 2012.

Even though Nigel graduated as both a veterinarian and a fashion designer, he has moved into the world of fashion based on his passion for the work. His website, Nigel Chia, says, “Starting with the release of our Capsule collection 2015, “Papier Merveilles”, we are pleased to announce that Nigel Chia is officially starting up his own fashion line as a fashion director.”

“Within this role, Nigel will maintain direct influence over the creative direction of our three lines: ready-to-wear, bridal (measure to made) & DeMuse doll (high fashion 16’ collectable doll).

His atelier looks wonderful and if you are planning a trip to Malaysia, perhaps you would be lucky enough to encounter Nigel.


Take a look at some of his fabulous creations.

Nigel chia top 2017

But make sure you take a few minutes to watch the videos that Nigel puts on YouTube. These are videos of Nigel creating the most gorgeous gowns, dresses, tops and coats for the DeMuse fashion dolls. They are fun to watch for the artistry of the video as well as the fabulous fashion designs. Nigel’s designs for dolls are delightful and perhaps even more amazing than his women’s wear because a doll can wear anything!

And there are many more of these short videos… here is one more but look at his channel for more beauty. This video is art for art’s sake.

And one more that we had to share. Enjoy

We had to come back and share one more video that YouTube offered up for us. It is 7.5 minutes of incredible fashions for high end fashion dolls. The video moves fast and we found it to be very inspirational. We hope you agree.

The video is posted by DIY MANUALIDADES PLUS -JM and the info says, “Beautiful Dé Muse high fashion doll by Nigel Chia fashion designer. These dolls are 16 inches tall and look very realistic like a real top model woman. I hope you like this compilation of pictures Hermosas Dé Muse muñecas a la moda hechas por Nigel Chia un diseñador de moda estas muñecas miden 16 pulgadas de altura, paresen casi reales como una modelo top. Espero les guste esta recopilation de fotografias.”


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