What next?

We hope you have missed us. Where the heck have we been? Well, just about everywhere but here. We have determined to be more diligent about posting since there is really so much great stuff going on out there.

For today, we are going to leave you with this YouTube video from 2008 (which now seems like long ago.) Is time really passing faster or being elongated? Well, this video points out that beginning college students in a technical career can count on half of what they learn as a Freshman being outdated by the time they are Juniors. However, remember that some information stays relevant for decades, even eons.

So what you are learning today may not matter in ten years – or will it? We think anything learned adds to a base of knowledge upon which you can build and build and build. Enjoy

It is now June 2017 and below is an updated version of the same video. It is great to watch both and see some of the growth of Facebook, Twitter, and more.


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