A Yucky Update with Little More than Zero Results

More than five years ago (May 2011), we wrote a post about Zero Waste called “Yucky and a Great Big Zero“. It is a short little post that with an interesting message. And it teaches us about the internet. What was a live link five years ago may be anything today. Sometimes it is the exact page, just as it was shared. We have learned that anything linked on yahoo or similar sites, will not be archived for future reference. It was valuable for a little while… but not for long enough for it to command a bit of resource to maintain. This could be good or bad, determined by the value of the original information. In a zero waste world, it may be for the best. Yet, it was romantic to think the internet would be this long-lasting source of information. It’s the hot news, just as it is the hot dress, the IT bag, or the must have shoe. All trash soon enough.


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