“El Paso: Love all the way down to the rivets”

Over on the Reid Miller apparel website blog, there is a story entitled “El Paso: Love all the way down to the rivets.” It is an enchanting story of a first time visit to the West Texas city, El Paso.

Reid says, When I arrived in El Paso the beauty and peace I experienced was so startling that I worried I would get into an accident in my rental car with all that there was to take in around me. There were mountains and desert seeped in a beautiful pink then yellow light from the desert sun, with the freeway painted peach and light green to match this curious, beautiful little city that seemed to have appeared out of my dreams.”

She observed, “The next morning I returned to the factory to find people working away at their machines, the music humming in the background. Workers chatted and laughed, it was Friday and everyone was looking forward to going dancing. A group of a dozen or so people worked on beautiful old machines, framed by golden spools of thread, in a beautiful atmosphere, loving what they do and the people they work with.”

Well, let Reid tell you…

Bob Paluzi and Reid Miller

As her About page says, “Reid is a designer, entrepreneur, researcher and passionate bike commuter. REID MILLER Apparel is her vision for a more beautiful, creative biking world, where a woman’s form and freedom are celebrated through high quality, stylish attire for bike commuting.”

We love Reid’s determinations to “improve on what exists to create a better biking world.”

It is also great that her line and Bob Paluzi are making such meaningful work for people.


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