“Friends and family will put you out of business…”

Mercedes Gonzalez is at it again. This time she is addressing those of you who would open a store and those of you who are learning to open a store.  Of course, we think Mercedes is wonderful. And we love her very upfront lectures. Check out this page of links to her talks. You will find a number of videos on Mercedes’ channel, including an Insider’s Guide to Running a Successful Retail Store. It will take time to watch all the content in this series so build it into your schedule.

But before you head over to the Insider’s Guide series, listen to this superb overview video from Mercedes. Keep in mind that as part of her business Mercedes teaches those who attend her class complete details of such things as a profit and loss statement, initial mark up, margins, cash flow, valuation, inventory planning and control, and more.  Look at and read the competencies in the syllabi of your course. These words and concepts are already familiar to professionals and well-studied students. Everyone successful is learning always.

If you have studied and learned about expenses. costing, mark up, etc., you will be able “fill in the blanks” when Mercedes does not show her presentation screen as she speaks. When she DOES show her screen, you  may want to Pause and write down important points.

This video offers to those of you who have learned this type of information in such courses as Fashion Retailing and Fashion Buying, even Fashion Promotion, a chance to think about the whole picture.  So remember Mercedes and enjoy the ride. 

Click to view – Global Purchasing Companies

(Imagine shopping with one of the Divas below, LOL!)

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