Making zippers invisible and other “seam”ingly impossible acts.

In case you don’t know it all, head over to Fashion-Incubator and work your way through the many tutorials and posts. Remember that the comments of the posts often hold great gems of wisdom from experienced apparel industry professionals. You will quickly be able to discern who is a newbie, however, note that their questions and insights can be valuable thinking fuel.

1 Invisible_Zippers_red_through_Blue_largeImage from Burda Style

There is so much archived content on Fashion-Incubator, dig in and read past posts and follow the links inside of posts for an education extraordinaire.

Here is the Invisible Zipper Tutorial.

1 factory zipperImage from Sew4home

The internet holds so much that our brain limits and time limits can be stretched. Maybe that is the point. Which brings us to V-Sauce – Mind-Blowing Creations & The Best of the Internet – so stretch on…..

Watch what someone can do with thread… twenty seconds :08-:28… and if you can stay for all 5:17 minutes, you will enjoy the illustrations which are perfect for the ghouling month!! Watch on…



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