Some things seem to take forever >>>

Since it took longer than anticipated to get a post uploaded about Mercedes Gonzalez and her fabulous apparel industry talks, we are posting a link to all of her YouTube videos on fashion collection. Get busy and listen. Mercedes is a great speaker and she “tells it like it is” so you can save years of mistakes and frustration.

For those of you who are in courses like Fashion Collection Design or Apparel Product Development, or learning on your own, this particular video from July 2014 will be a great benefit.

Of course, Mercedes mentions our own darling Kathleen Fasanella and her amazing Fashion-Incubator blog (and we assume you are reading it “religiously” including all the fab tutorials and “most requested tutorialsand making plans to spend a week in Albuquerque at The Sewing Factory School – “this place that KF envisioned as a prototypically perfect sewing factory for people to visit in the event they want to learn how to set up their own factory, aka, The Sewing Factory School.”). For now, back to Mercedes so we can learn to sell (and profit from) what we produce.

As time permits, work your way through this list of YouTube videos by Mercedes. And know that with any luck, she will continue to post more videos from her trade show workshops.

And if you are also needing a new book “to hold in your hands”, this tome from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store, could fit the bill.  How to Read Fashion: A Crash Course in Styles, Designers, and Couture.


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