Paris – City of Fashion (for ages!!)

We love getting great new links from our fashion doll collecting friends.  Vera dropped a link for this great fashion show/photo shoot which took place in Paris in the late 1940s or early 1950s.

a paris-fashion-50

One thing that we found so fab was the dress of the onlookers.  We noted how different the models look than the “ordinary people”.  This video is also great for anyone who needs to learn the correct pronunciation of all those wonderful Parisian designers.

Paris – City of Fashion


Here is a very short video that may give you some enjoyment.  It is less than two minutes long and you should get a good laugh from the predictions.

21st Century Fashion – as predicted in 1960.

How about 100 Years of Men’s Fashions in 3 Minutes.

And 100 Years of Fashion (women’s) in 2 Minutes.

How about a 2.5 minute video about corsets?  Check out – I am a corset maker – Behind the Seams.

Creative Angel Atom Mug


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