Do you remember that we love Tex. Lensing?

As apparel industry educators, students and learners, we love love love Tex. Lensing.  This textile fiber producer is fabulous about posting great learning videos on YouTube.  You can check out this video but be sure to check the entire Tex. Lensing channel. The only other way to get to hear these talks is to attend the trade shows (and that may not be possible for some of you, yet! [$$$$$-$$$$$$$$$$])

The video we are recommending today is Texworld USA – Spring/Summer 2016 Textile, Print, & Graphic Trends.

For those of us who have “been around” for a long time, it is just amazing that this information, which used to be considered secret and only for the inner circle, is now available to everyone, FREE.  We also noted that so far this video has been viewed only 3,062. And as of 8 October as we edit, this video has only had 5655 hits. People must just not know

You may also find this blog to be useful. Check out Patternbank Enjoy!


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