3D Print weft knitted and then some . . like awesome 4D

3D Print weft knitted textiles for you and me. It will happen.  This new level of 3D printing is working to build comfort and wear-ability into the textiles.  Time will tell.

3D Print weft knittedGerman Researchers 3D Printing Fabric-like Structures with Plastics But things do not always work out like you hoped… so there are trials. 3D Print weft knitted awful 3D print textile images on google.com show an early iteration of 3D.  These items are adorable – just not that comfortable.


Now let’s take a look at some of the ideas behind 4D printing and self assembly.  Fascinating! MIT laboratories is doing some amazing work for the future of self assembly.  Check out these short videos and be amazed!!  Or check out SelfAssemblylab.net and such amazing things as 4D Printing: Multi-Material Shape Change.

These are just some of the things that will be changing retail.  Have a look at the top 18 change agents at FuturistSpeaker.com.

Let’s leave it with some wonderful YouTube video of an artist painting Jimi Hendrix


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