Fashion-Incubator time….

No one could love Kathleen Fasanella more that we love her.  We are SURE of that!!  Kathleen is a champion to all DEs and she works tirelessly (not that she never gets tired from it) on our behalf.  If she charged for all of her offerings, she would be richer than Solomon.  But her blog is FREE.  Our students are required to read Kathleen’s blog.  About 10% of them actually do it.  But you know what they say about the top 10%… they are always on top!


So for those of you in the Top Ten Percent, here are a few direct links so you can catch up on some of the things we need to be doing.  Do you recall us talking about the CPSIA?  Do you recall that you were instructed to go and read about it?  Hopefully you did that reading.  Below is a link that gives a really brief overview of the information.

From and old post on the Injury Board National News Desk (a site that no longer exists), entitled “Mom-based Garment Industry May Be Hardest Hit by New Safety Regulations” you can see how complex it can be to stay legal and compliant in children’s wear.
Here is a link to the Consumer Product Safety Commission that we are posting just to show how difficult it can be to find out what is necessary to be compliant.
Fasanella betsy-ross
Kathleen is not only brilliant and useful, she is funny.  This post on Fashion-Incubator hooks us up with a Slate post about Betsy Ross (definitely an early DE!)
No one who is serious about this business should miss reading this post on Standard Work.  And if time ever permits, take the Reverse Engineering tour of posts.
Kathleen also keeps her readers up-to-date on trade shows that enhance your knowledge, offer opportunities for networking, and give you a chance to attend a meet-up with like-minded DEs.
So start to save your pennies, nickels and dimes so you can attend the next Texprocess Americas in May 2016.  You could not possibly find a better way to spend your education dollars.  In the meantime, make sure you read any reviews you can find on these industry trade shows.
An aside: TSNN (Trade Show News Network) has an interesting post about webinars as a way to get more bang for the buck on trade show seminars (like the ones we are watching with Mercedes Gonzalez)  and a one hour webinar on how to make your trade shows sustainable, Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.
Now back to Fashion-Incubator to finish, we are going to look at some posts that should give you a very clear picture of the complexities that are a natural part of a small apparel company.  Kathleen opens the first of three posts like this, “By way of introducing a new head-hurting series (sorry), let’s start with a quiz.”  Part One and Part Two of Ordering Sizes for Production are up next.

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