Wolf Form – dress forms and measurements you need.

We wanted to post a link to Wolf Form for those of you who need to get started with a dress form.

We have been using Wolf Form for over 30 years and we do love them.  They have been very reliable in terms of quality and durability (and we should know!!).

Wolf FormsStart with a browse of the company and their “About” page.  You will see that these forms are used by companies such as Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, Donna Karan, F.I.T., Pratt, Parsons/New School, Neiman Marcus, Savannah College Of Art & Design, as well as El Paso Community College. Wolf Form has appeared on Good Morning America, in Glamour Magazine, New York Times Magazine, Threads Magazine,  Vanity Fair, and others.

Wolf LogoThe web page also has a link to their measurements on many different size ranges, including Missy, Juniors, Girls, Boys, Infants, Men and more.  These measurements are a great place to start.  Over time, the preferred industry sample sizing may change (i.e. – from an 8 to a 4) so you may need to upgrade every few decades just to get the right sample size in your dress form for draping.  In terms of wear and tear, these dress forms really last a lifetime.

Wolf half scale

We also use the Wolf half scale dress forms for our flat pattern making classes.  These half scale forms help students (and designers) to save money by first creating in half scale to experiment or see the hang and swing of a garment. We had our half scale forms created as one half the size of our standard dress forms and it works perfectly.

For those of you with CAD systems, you can plot at .5 and get your full scale patterns in half scale for preliminary testing.  Give it a try!


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