Do you love a good hunt?

Searching for just the right shoe… history?  Trying to find out if Betsey Johnson’s annual report is online?  Looking for a Dior video from the day of Dior?  Ask anything!


A search of “World’s most famous clothing designers” brought a page of such wealth.  It was interesting to see how many angles were covered in just a few possibilities of further reading.

Elle – “From the most influential to the newest, find out how your favorite fashion designers broke into the fashion industry and what inspires each collection.”  Or while you are there, check out the latest collections.

jean-paul-gaultier agyness-deyn

From International Business Times you can read about the World’s Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Designers.

Over at Content Time you will find and enjoy and learn from All-Time 100 Fashion Icons.


The Richest says of the ten richest fashion designers, “Whatever style comes to their mind, they draw it, and the world will follow. These are the real trendsetters. They are the ones whose creativity would lead to the latest fashion trends to be worn by socialites, celebrities and models. We admire the supermodels ramping up and down the runway, but the real stars of the show are the clothes and the people behind its design.”  The Richest puts their focus on The Top Ten (Richest) Fashion Designers in the World.  See, everyone needs and benefits from focus!

Have you noticed how people love numbers?  It is worth noticing – especially if you are trying to get on a fast track (or even a slow track) to riches. 

Fashionista (hey, try this as a test of your knowledge) shows us a take on 25 Women Designers Who Changed Fashion Forever

Chanel 1936-Photo-LipnitzkiAnother great Top 50 (and another chance to name that designer!)

And just one more….  Top 50 Designers | Celebrity Net Worth

Bingo fashion-designers

Find these links and many more in the LinksList under Designer History.

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