Fashion Industry ABC’s from Texworld USA

Lenzing is the textile mill we love.  We appreciate the fact that they produce seminars and put them on YouTube for all of us to see and learn.


In the Fashion Industry ABC’s you get to ask yourself, “Do you want to be rich or do you want to be famous?”  You probably cannot be both.   Well, let someone else tell you.  Mercedes Gonzales, Director, Global Purchasing Companies, will tell you how it goes.  How do I get from A to B and where do I start? [Takes about 45 minutes: From  1:11 to 53 minutes with additional great Q&A until the end.]

For those who study with us at the college level, none of this should be unfamiliar.  You will hear things like, you need to be in the customer’s brain, predicting what they want before they know.  You have to know who you “hang with”.  You have to be known for something.  What makes sense to the store buyer–did you give them a point of reference or are you a profit center?  You have to work backwards in your pricing.  Limit the number of fabrics you use.  Why would anyone want to buy from me?  How do we create emotion?  How actual costing realities occur, margins and profit, profit, profit.

(Anyone who reads and studies will find this seminar to be a reminder of the things you have learned from Kathleen Fasanella, especially if you have read her book.)

Fashion Industry ABC’s is geared towards helping the emerging fashion designer, as well as retailer who wants to start their own fashion or private label line. Fashion Industry ABC: is a practical, insightful, crash course on how business is really done and the tools you will need to be successful.”

Today as we post this, there have only been 139 views of this video.  It makes us ask ourselves, where are these people who say they want to be in the fashion industry? 

Tex Lenzing has 241 videos on YouTube… go forth and learn.


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