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One thing we appreciate about Fabric Mart is the way they photograph the  textiles.   We love the swirl presentation because it gives us an idea of how the fabric drapes, in other words, its hand.  This is a difficult thing to do and Fabric Mart has found an answer.  Since we cannot copy their photos, you will have to click to visit the Fabric Mart site to see what we mean.  Hint: it’s in the swirl.

While there, check out the Fabric Care page and the Fabric Burn Test Chart.   You may also want to see Julie’s Picks or the blog Fabric Mart Fabricistas or learn about the Reader’s Pick Sew-Along.

And those of you who actually make garments there is Me-Made May.  “Sew” check it out.  You will meet Zoe from the UK who created the challenge.  And if you click around you will find Zoe’s tutorials and refashioning ideas.  Enjoy!

Zoe remade this top from a stained man's sweatshirt.  Cute!!

Zoe remade this top from a stained man’s sweatshirt. Cute!!

Or check out her various refashioned jeans.  We really thought these were adorable.  She gives the tutorial if you need it.  You probably do not but you might want to read her tutorial on changing a pattern for maternity wear or nursing baby.  Go find them on her blog.

Zoe jean short

For those of you yearning to be a textile artist, check out Aunt June to see that you can actually sell the fabrics you create at Spoonflower.  Aunt June’s fabric sales  on Etsy look quite healthy and check out the prices.

And finally today, look into Hart’s Fabric and their blog.  We love their simple, well photographed tutorials.  For example: the Easy Zipper Bag Tutorial

Hart bag tutorial



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