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How fortunate are we?  We live in an age of free and easy.  You bring the time; the internet brings the teacher (in you.)

Given that only a small percentage of the world has internet access.  And given that countries with internet access have groups with greater and lesser access, we are the fortunate few.

In our book, when you get a privilege, you find a way to both pay it back and pay it forward.  This blog, 1on1, is working to return the gift of knowledge and to pass it forward, free.  So here is another suggestion from us.

Use eBay!  We are not suggesting you spend all hours of the night bidding and obsessing on a physical possession.  However, surf long and hard for the possession of knowledge.

A learner can use eBay for so many things; it could easily be equivalent learning to a course of study for a semester or more depending on the depth of your study.  eBay can be used for research on markets and trends.  eBay could probably be used by economists to determine consumer confidence.

Ebay has pages to walk you through many aspects of selling.  You are being GIVEN a great educational guide.  So why not use it?  After going through the basics, check out Ebay University – there may be something in your area.

The focus of this post is content from eBay with copy from the eBay page itself with links to more.  Get clicking.

Writing a good title and description


Home > Help >Selling & seller fees>Creating effective listings>Writing a good title and description

Examples of titles and descriptions

PS – You can also find PDF items to study.

Check out Shipping Made Easy

Thanks, eBay!!


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