Let’s look at Dior . . .


Dior-Szmurlo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s take a tour of Dior – the man, the creator.  Everyone has an opinion.  We are going to look at a few different views of Dior.  You decide.

Dior rose to fame in 1947 with a style dubbed “The New Look”.  The war was over.  Europe was in ruins.  The Cold War was beginning.  Women had worked in factories and offices for the war years.  The 1950s took on a “New Look” indeed.

After watching the videos linked below, take some time to write your opinion about Dior, his impact on fashion, the impact on what is called “social engineering” (Did Dior encourage women to give up the freedoms they had gained during World War II?), how do Dior and Chanel differ in their impact on woman?  Make sure to watch the Advertisement at the beginning of the first film below if it is a brief history of Coco Chanel, called “Once Upon a Time.”  All of these videos will take less than 45 minutes to watch.  Enjoy.

Christian Dior History

Christian Dior, the Man Behind the Myth – Trailer

New Look 1947

Christian Dior by Colin McDowell 1

Christian Dior by Colin McDowell  2

Christian Dior by Colin McDowell  3


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