Fashion and 3D Printing

Not Bhutan, El Paso.

Not Bhutan, El Paso. (Photo credit: khowaga1)

In just a few minutes you can find so many links to information about anything.  Today, let’s focus on 3D printing.  You may know that University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) has a 3D printing center and has been on the forefront of this emerging technology.

Let’s explore some links.

UTEP to build 3D printing center

“The University of Texas at El Paso recently (2011) announced it has received $9 million to fund the building of a new research facility designed to create printed electronics through additive manufacturing technology.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, the University of Texas System and the state each contributed $3 million to support the construction, equipment, operational and other costs of the Structural and Printed Emerging Technologies – or SPEC – Center.”

Do some searching and find out more about “serial entrepreneur” Kenneth Church.

Where might this 3D printing lead in terms of our industry, apparel?

Euromaxx Highlights from 21.09.2013

In this edition:
3D Shoes, London Fashion Week, 250 Years of KPM Porcelain, Classic Goes Clubbing, Naples’ Art Stations.

DW Television has a homepage and a YouTube channel where you can find the weekly highlights edition of this fabulous daily arts and culture magazine.

Make, buy, and sell products with 3D Printing. How it works.

An overview 3D printing at Wikipedia

( – read and follow)


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