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English: Advertising material printed by the d...

English: Advertising material printed by the doll-making firm of Pierre Francoise Jumeau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dolls are not new… dressing dolls is not new.

People have dressed dolls for hundreds and hundreds of years.

And it looks like a doll that was first created in 1995 may be around more years than most of us.

Once again the Phoenix rises.  To those of us who love to design and create for the 16″, larger than life, Gene Marshall, we raise a glass in salute.  Gene, created and designed by Mel Odom, is making her third reincarnation.

In Gene’s first appearance, which lasted a glorious ten years, she was developed and produced by Ashton Drake Galleries with Joan Green leading that enormous endeavor.

Reminisce with me.  When Gene was introduced to the world in 1995, she opened the door for the 16″ fashion doll.  Joan Green told me about the development needed to move the Chinese and Taiwanese sewing factories from the production of cheap doll clothing to the production of a nearly couture line of fashions.



Listen, as Mel Odom, the doll’s originator, thinks back on the early years of Gene Marshall. (Five minutes) and just so you know the music was written and performed for Gene and her theme………. Share the dream.

Now, let’s listen to Joan Green introduce another character in the world of Gene Marshall (2000).  Watch the first five minutes of this video…

During the first ten years, Gene, a fictitious Hollywood star of the 1940s and 1950s, appeared in so many different costumes.  And a large number of designers and creators were making and selling garments, jewelry, hats, shoes and furniture for Miss Marshall.

Gene - Calendar Girl

Gene – Calendar Girl

These were grand days. Even Simplicity and Vogue got in the act.

Vogue Patterns Too

In her second incarnation, 2005 – 2010, Gene joined the stellar line up at Integrity.  Mel and Jason Wu gave Gene fans a new thrill.  Below: the rare blonde version of Lone Star Soiree.

Extremely Rare HTF Texas Gold Blonde Variation Lone Star Soiree Convenion Gene  sold 400 July 2012a

And to make an absolutely, fabulously long story short.  After a two-year retirement, JamieShow and Angelic Dreamz bring us a resin, ball-jointed 16″ Gene, who can wear all of her gorgeous garments from the last twenty years.  Sew on…

Another five-minute video celebration of this latest Gene doll.

…. don’t cha wish your dolly was hot like Gene…don’t cha?

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