Floating with you through time…

There are times when you just need to turn to your friends.  When determining your business’ software needs is not one of those times.  Look to your own broad base of knowledge, your internet search skills and practices, your own common sense based on knowledge and foresight.  After all that, consult with others.  Put money away to finance visits to trade shows.  In the meantime, visit Capterra for a nice array of software to familiarize yourself with software types and variations.

Capterra allows you to browse by industry.  Here is a start to the Fashion and Apparel search page. 

“Fashion & Apparel software helps organizations in the garment industry manage business activities including product planning, order processing and inventory control.”

“These solutions also automate the design process with pattern making and cutting features. Use Capterra’s Fashion & Apparel Software directories to quickly find and compare products that meet your specific needs. Capterra provides a complete list of products, including apparel management solutions, fashion design and production software and fashion retail systems.”

Now excuse us, it is back to the dress forms, CAD computers, plotters, math and patterns..  Tootles!

A classroom filled with sewing machines and ma...


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